First International Kiel Marketplace on Smart Shipping

Exchange between Kiel and Gdansk under the umbrella of the international project reSEArch EU


The 24th Kiel Marketplace will be hosted on May 31, 2022 for the first time as an international event together with the University of Gdansk and under the umbrella of reSEArch-EU, a project of the European University Alliance SEA-EU - the European University of the Seas. Kiel University is part of this alliance together with its partners from the Universities of Cadiz, Brest, Malta, Gdansk and Split. In addition to the promotion of mobility among students, researchers and staff of the participating universities, targeted events for knowledge transfer are part of the new cooperation under the umbrella of reSEArch-EU. In May, a delegation from Gdansk is expected to meet with professors from Kiel University and business partners to discuss the topic of "Smart Shipping and the development of innovative, sustainable shipping through digitalization".

The event will start with the presentation of the CAPTN project by Prof. Dirk Nowotka from the Institute of Computer Science at Kiel University. Launched in 2018 by Kiel University, the CAPTN (Clean Autonomous Public Transport Network) project is an alliance of different partners from science, companies and administration as well as of stakeholders from the city Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein. Together, the project aims to establish an integrated inner-city mobility chain of autonomous, clean transport on the water and on land with water-land interfaces for a local public transport. Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Hauke Schramm from Kiel University of Applied Sciences will speak about research on autonomous shipping under the title "A lab in the waves - a step towards autonomous shipping", followed by CEO-Addix Björn Schwarze on the topic of integrating 5G into the smart fjord regarding logistics, transport & sport. After the Kiel presentations, the Polish guests will present their topics: Dr. Malagorzata Bielenia from the Institute of Maritime Transport and Maritime Trade at the University of Gdansk starts with "Smart Ports - Smart Shipping", followed by Marek Grzybowski, from the CEO of the Baltic Sea & Space Cluster on Smart Shipping in the seaport. The wrap-up will be provided by Axel Koch, Head of the Transfer Department at Kiel University. Christian Wagner-Ahlfs, coordinator for transdisciplinary research in the Kiel Marine Science (KMS) priority research area at Kiel University, will be moderate the dialog event. After the scientific exchange, the delegation will get insights into the shore power facility of the Kiel Seaport as well as application-oriented projects at University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Dr. Ing. Hendrik Dankwoski (Kiel UAS, Institute for Ship Design and Marine Environmental Protection), for example, will provide information on applied ferry models.

Since 2008, the event and dialog series "Kiel Marketplace" has supported the networking of science, politics and business. It offers a forum on current topics - such as hydrogen from wind power or microplastics in the sea. The aim is to provide impulses from the scientific community, provide information on examples of applications from industry and highlight opportunities for cooperation. It is aimed primarily at scientists from Kiel University, entrepreneurs from the maritime industry and political decision-makers. The Kiel Marketplace is organized jointly with the Future Ocean Network/Kiel Marine Science (KMS), the Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel GmbH (WiZe) and the Maritime Cluster Norddeutschland (Schleswig- Holstein).
The event language is English. The event is only partially barrier-free.

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Christian Wagner-Ahlfs
Coordinator for Transdisciplinary Research
Kiel Marine Science (KMS) I  Kiel University

Computer image
© Simeon Ortmüller, Vincent Steinhart-Besser

Computer image of a design sketch for an autonomous ferry.