Understand, Formulate and Refute Arguments!

Open for Doctoral Cadidates and Postdocs

Prof. Christian Baatz, CAU
07th June 2022 | 09:00 –13:00 h
08th June 2022 | 09:00 –13:00 h
Registration deadline: 23rd May 2022

As scientists, we are continually formulating arguments – to defend our science by explaining and justifying assumptions or conclusions. We are confronted by the arguments of others, and are challenged to analyze these to accept or refute them. This happens both in an academic context as well as in communicating with lay people, decision makers etc.

Yet scientific training seldom includes the fundamentals of argumentation –drawing conclusions based on the premises (and only those premises!) invested. Moreover, where ethical aspects loom in science and whether and where they enter argumentation is often unclear.

In this seminar JProf. Christian Baatz, an environmental ethicist and philosopher, will take us through key steps of applying argumentative tools using as an example the case for so-called Carbon Dioxide Removal.

The workshop will allow you to better understand argumentation and science communication. Join us and be ready to…. argue!

Venue: Leibnitzstr. 1, Room105
ISOS candidates have priority in our courses.
Please register by sending a mail to application@isos.uni-kiel.de