KLS Award for Early Career Postdocs

With the postdoc awards, the priority research area annually honours advanced young scientists in the life sciences from medical and non-medical research at Kiel University who have distinguished themselves with outstanding achievements at one of the institutions associated with KLS.

  • annually, call starts in July,
  • prizes: 2 x 6,000 € (one prize per category),
  • application will be sorted into one category (medical, non-medical life sciences).



  • Research activities must be focused on medical or non-medical life sciences,
  • application max. 3 years after having obtained the doctoral degree (date of document is determinant,
  • outstanding doctoral thesis,
  • excellent research quality,
  • postdoc must be working in a KLS member institute or clinic.

Call for applications 2023

We are happy to announce that the „KLS Award for Early Career Postdocs“ (6,000€) is now open for applications. We look forward to receiving applications from postdocs that finished their doctoral degree less than 3 years ago by August 23rd, 2023. Please see this poster for further information. In case of questions, please don`t hesitate to contact Dr. Nadine Höft (nhoeft@uv.uni-kiel.de).

Awardees 2022

Dr. Mariya Pravdivtseva

Prof. O. Jansen, Department of Radiology and Neuroradiology, UKSH, Campus Kiel

Medical Research3,000 €
Dr. Anna Maxi WandmacherInflammatory Carcinogenesis (Prof. S. Sebens), Institute for Experimental Tumor ResearchMedical Research3,000 €
Dr. Danilo PereiraEnvironmental Genomics (Prof. E. Stukenbrock), Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Biology, PlönNon-Medical Research6,000 €

Awardees 2021

Dr. Michael RaatzDepartment of Evolutionary Theory(Prof. A. Traulsen), Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, PlönMedical Research6,000 €
Dr. Lukas PfeiferPlant Glycan Group (Prof. B. Classen), Pharmaceutical InstituteNon-Medical Research

6,000 €

Awardees 2020

Dr. Elisa RosatiGenetics and Bioinformatics (Prof. A. Franke), Institute for Clinical Molecular BiologyMedical Research6,000 €
Dr. Sascha RahnUnit for Degradomics of the Protease Web (Prof. C. Becker-Pauly), Biochemical InstituteMedical Research6,000 €
Dr. Malte RühlemannGenetics and Bioinformatics (Prof. A. Franke), Institute for Clinical Molecular BiologyNon-Medical Research6,000 €
 Dr. Joāo BotelhoEvolutionary Ecology and Genetics (Prof. H. Schulenburg), Zoological InstituteNon-Medical Research6,000 €

Awardees 2019

Dr. Florian TranSystems Immunology (Prof. S. Schreiber / Prof. P. Rosenstiel), Clinic for Internal Medicine I / Institute for Clinical Molecular BiologyMedical Research6,000 €
Dr. Hamed RajabiFunctional Morphology and Biomechanics (Prof. S. Gorb), Zoological InstituteNon-Medical Research6,000 €

Awardees 2018

Dr. Friederike ZunkeMolecular Biology of Cytokines (Prof. S. Rose-John), Biochemical InstituteMedical Research6,000 €
Dr. Andrey PravdivtsevBiomedical Imaging (Prof. J. Hövener), Clinic for Radiology and NeuroradiologyNon-Medical Research6,000 €

Awardees 2017

Dr. Marcus ScheweIon Channels (Prof. T. Baukrowitz), Institute of PhysiologyMedical Research6,000 €
Dr. Camilo BarbosaEvolutionary Ecology and Genetics (Prof. H. Schulenburg), Zoological InstituteNon-Medical Research6,000 €