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Issue 02/2023

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10 Thoughts on the Future of KLS - Editorial T. Bosch

Dear KLS-members,
this editorial introduces a special anniversary edition of our newsletter KLS connected to celebrate 10 years of Kiel Life Science. We explore how the KLS community can continue innovating for positive change in the next decade. We take this anniversary as an opportunity to give the younger generation of scientists a voice and ask them what they think about Kiel Life Science. Have we come a bit closer together? Can we keep up with the national and international research scene or are we just fooling ourselves? What might KLS look like in the future?

Today, we are celebrating a decade of life scientists joining forces at Kiel University. We have taken this opportunity to prepare a 10th Anniversary Collection, that comprises 10 pictures, 10 theses and 10 interviews to take a look back at KLS´ development in the last years and also reflect upon the future of Kiel Life Science. This main part of the newsletter features 10 of our newly recruited young scientists and professors – who we expect to play a leading role in KLS in the future and help shape its future. On this special occasion, we also asked our president Simone Fulda to share her view on KLS from the perspective of the university board, and last but not least talked to Stefan Schreiber, PMI chair and one of the founding fathers of Kiel Life Science.


Here we are looking back to a decade of life science research at Kiel University in 10 pictures. They show examples of the core topics, unique selling points, special concerns and competences and thus convey a visual impression of the diversity of our research focus. These 10 images symbolise our successful development and the continuation of this path in the future.

Next Generation

The further development of our research focus is primarily in the hands of our young colleagues. To make their voices heard, we asked them to describe their views on the future of KLS to mark its 10th anniversary. Read below how these 10 researchers - Petra Bacher, Katja Dierking, Mathieu Groussin, Harald Gruber-Vodicka, Stéphanie Hornburg, Manuel Liebeke, Mathilde Poyet, Olivia Roth, Malte Rühlemann and Remco Stam - see these perspectives.

Next Generation

In order to present and discuss their future prospects in more detail, we also conducted interviews with young researchers and newly appointed professors from KLS. In 10 conversations, they discuss their ideas for the future of the KLS with Thomas Bosch in interviews lasting around 10 minutes each.

On Campus

Innovate, network, promote: Into the future with Kiel Life Science


Celebrating the 10th anniversary of KLS also includes a look back at the developments of the past decade. Thomas Bosch talked with Stefan Schreiber, head of PMI and one of the founding fathers of Kiel Life Science. The interview highlights the origin, the overcoming of obstacles and the interdisciplinary cooperation that ultimately led to the successful platform KLS at Kiel University.