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Portrait Tal Dagan

ERC funds research project "pMolEvol" at Kiel University with 2 million euros


Talk in a seminar room

International symposium on microbiome metabolomics at Kiel University


Portrait of a man

Max Planck Society honours Prof. Schulenburg for his promotion of evolutionary research

Two portraits

Researchers hope that the newly described species will provide a better understanding of the evolution of the genus Bacteroides

Group photo

Professor Andrew Read is the keynote speaker at the annual conference "Evolution by the Sea"

Group photo

Experts from evolutionary research discuss adaptations to rapid environmental changes at Kiel University


Two men presenting a certificate

Collaborative Research Centre 1182  honours renowned microbiologist from San Diego


Portrait of a woman and a man

Newly discovered mitochondrial protein interferes with gene regulation

Close-up of a house mouse

Evidence that points to genetics influencing the composition of an organism's microbial colonization


Sept 28-30, 2022 @ Maritim Hotel Bellevue Kiel

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