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Flooded road

Heavy rain and heatwaves: climate change with its extreme weather conditions is putting pressure on water and sewage systems as well as on the…

People with safety helmets on a ship

Professor Julia Gottschalk can trace the condition of the ocean back several million years in the sediment of the seabed. The processes in today's…

Underwater: a piece of concrete overgrown with plants

Students at the interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences aim to bring new life to built-up coastal waters through the Living Sea Walls…

White beach at St. Peter Ording with blue sky

The beach at St. Peter Ording is to a large extent unique, but despite its huge dimensions its long-term future is at risk. As part of a major…

Five people in front of a ship lying on a quay edge

The SEA-EU European university alliance is setting standards for future transnational cooperation in research, teaching and knowledge transfer

Computer image

Exchange between Kiel and Gdansk under the umbrella of the international project reSEArch EU

Nature photo with people doing scientific work

International science team with participation of Kiel University have dug up all available geothermal heat flow data in and around Greenland


Call for applications now open!


Pan-European University network is growing

Natural image

A new study indicates that severe monsoon failure in the Indian subcontinent is more likely under the current global warming scenario

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