Promotion of young scientists

Under the umbrella of Kiel Marine Science (KMS), offers for the promotion of young scientists are conceived and implemented, starting with students and teachers, through interdisciplinary and international programs for students, to measures for career development, with a focus on master's students, through doctoral students, to postdocs. Master's students find the tools for interdisciplinary education in the interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences (iMSMS). In the graduate program Integrated School of Ocean Sciences (ISOS), doctoral students are offered structured supervision and subject-specific continuing education courses. Together with GEOMAR, the Helmholtz School for Marine Data Science (MarData) trains PhD students at the interface of computer science and oceanographic disciplines. The KMS Postdoc Support offers postdocs an exchange platform with their peers in the scientific community, also across institutional borders. Internationally, the European Universities Alliance "SEA-EU - the European University of the Seas" is one of Kiel's lighthouse projects for strengthening the European mobility of students in the marine sciences.


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Graphic Promotion of young talent

KMS Postdoc Support

KMS promotes the career development of scientists after their PhD with a targeted programme. In particular, the goal is to strengthen the networking of postdocs in marine science with members of their specialist scientific community, both within Kiel and beyond.  Networking serves both scientific interdisciplinary collaboration and promotes exchange with peers on experiences and planning in career design. To this end, various exchange formats, target group-specific and topic-related information events on career design are organised under the umbrella of the program. The program aims to create a specific discussion platform for relevant topics after the doctoral phase.

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Integrated School of Ocean Sciences (ISOS)

The Integrated School of Ocean Sciences (ISOS) is an inter- and multidisciplinary education platform for doctoral candidates in marine research in Kiel. Doctoral candidates from all faculties at Kiel University and from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research can participate in the ISOS programme and benefit from an extensive range of courses, additional support, and initiatives for individual profile and career development. In ISOS, junior scientists engage with themes beyond their own research questions, for example ethics and scientific communication or sustainability. The diverse training opportunities are made possible through the active support of senior scientists, alumni, and partners both internal and external to the university.

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Interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences (iMSMS)

The interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences (iMSMS) is a cross-faculty and cross-institutional institution for marine science education. The iMSMS is aimed equally at students of the marine science master's programs at CAU and GEOMAR as well as interested students from all other disciplines. The aim of iMSMS is to promote inter- and transdisciplinary learning and research, to strengthen the engagement with the topic of oceans and sustainability across the university, to offer orientation opportunities in the professional field of marine sciences, and to promote internationalisation and networking in marine science studies. To this end, elective modules in integrated marine sciences and events on career and professional field orientation are offered.

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For University Students: SEA-EU – the European University of the Seas

Kiel University participates in the ERASMUS+ project “SEA-EU – the European University of the Seas”, as one of 17 European universities to have been successfully selected from 54 nominations in the first round of tenders. Within the scope of the Kiel Marine Science (KMS) research focus area, a programme for the interdisciplinary education of students in marine research has been developed. Under the leadership of the University of Cádiz (Spain) and with the partner universities of Western Brittany (Brest, France), Gdańsk (Poland), Split (Croatia), and Malta, it is planned to harmonise marine research study programmes to enable unrestricted mobility for students, initially from the six universities in the SEA-EU consortium. The project commenced at the beginning of 2020.

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Helmholtz School for Marine Data Science (MarData)

With a new interdisciplinary educational concept for doctoral students, the Helmholtz School for Marine Data Science (MarData, was founded at GEOMAR in Kiel in November 2019. Specialists from informatics and mathematics are integrated into marine scientific research conducted by the marine research institutes GEOMAR and AWI, as well as the partner universities in Kiel and Bremen. The aim is to expand the data science expertise of doctoral students through fundamental approaches in marine science in a way that enables the use of Big Data methods to draw new information from oceanographic data sets. MarData is coordinated at GEOMAR by Arne Biastoch. Participating professors from Kiel University are Matthias Renz, Reinhard Koch, Thomas Slawig, and Wilhelm Hasselbring (Institute for Informatics), along with Tal Dagan (Institute for General Microbiology) and Thomas Meurer (Automatic Control, Faculty of Engineering).

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For School Pupils: Kiel Science Factory: ozean:labor

In ozean:labor, school pupils in grades 3-13 engage with current themes in marine research. Corresponding to their learning levels, the groups receive thematic insights into marine research and the research methods of scientists. Through its connection with the natural science curriculum, the visit to ozean:labor represents a thematic supplement to their school classes. Additional teacher training is also offered by the Kiel Science Factory through ozean:labor. This initiative is a collaboration between schools and universities, teacher training and business, as well as city and State governments.

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