Interdisciplinary research in the marine sciences

The scientists of the Kiel Marine Science priority Research Area work across the boundaries of their disciplines and faculties in interdisciplinary research programs and projects. These include, for example, DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centres and scientific projects under the umbrella of the German Alliance for Marine Research (DAM) in the two ongoing missions "sustainMare - Protection and Sustainable Use of Marine Areas" and "CDRmare - Marine Carbon Sinks in Decarbonization Pathways". KMS researchers from more than 70 working groups pool their expertise in so-called KMS priority topics. Coastal research has the largest share in KMS.

In addition, a new research initiative has evolved from the KMS thematic groups to address health and disease in the ocean (Ocean Health) on an interdisciplinary basis. This initiative has largely emerged from the KMS group Biological Marine Systems. There are also links to the Blue Bioeconomy, Governance and Digital Ocean Thematic Groups.

All KMS research initiatives and projects contribute to the profile of inter- and transdisciplinary marine research at Kiel University.

Polar microorganisms: planktoniella sol

KMS Themes

In the research priority area Kiel Marine Science, more than 70 working groups bundle their expertise in currently five thematic groups. The aim of the thematic focus is to initiate interdisciplinary research projects and to enable networking between the various disciplines. At annual KMS retreats, scientists exchange information about their projects and develop new ones. For more detailed information on the overarching KMS topics, please follow the links below:

  • Coasts
  • Governance
  • Blue Bioeconomy
  • Digital Ocean
  • Biological Marine Systems

Research Projects and Research Initiatives

Researchers of Kiel Marine Science are leading or are involved in inter- and transdisciplinary research projects. They cooperate with university researchers as well as with non-university and international partners and actors from civil society, politics, authorities and industry.

Through its own programs and calls for proposals, the priority research area KMS supports research projects on key topics in marine, coastal and climate research, with a special focus on the human-ocean interface. This includes the new research initiative "Ocean Health", which addresses the interrelationships between health and disease in the ocean, as well as the resilience of marine ecosystems against the backdrop of ongoing climate change. Kiel's marine scientists have broad expertise in this new field of research, both in several working groups at Kiel University and in cooperation with the largest KMS network partner, the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel.
More about Ocean Health

smoking Mount Etna volcano
© Sebastian Krastel, KMS

View of the smoking Mount Etna volcano from the deck of the research vessel METEOR

Publications and science awards

Selected publications relevant to Kiel Marine Science (KMS)

Scientific articles published by researchers at Kiel Marine Science (KMS) are collected and managed in the Research Information System (FIS), the central database of Kiel University. In addition to publications, FIS also allows the collection, linking and use of lectures, projects, memberships or awards.


Scientific Awards

Awards, prizes and honours play an important role in science, as they recognize and make visible outstanding achievements in research, teaching, science communication, transfer and social engagement. In addition, they are often associated with prize money for future research activities. The research prize coordination office takes and the FIS team care of the documentation of prizes and awards. The goal is to use the corresponding data, for example, for applications for third-party funding and to increase the visibility of successes. The FIS team regularly informs about the announcement of the most important science awards and maintains a mailing list for this purpose.



research vessel ALKOR and water
© Kiel Marine Science

View of the Kiel Fjord from the stern of the research vessel ALKOR