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Language competencies are at the heart of a true European identity. Following this motto, the SEA-EU alliance has committed itself to increasing the language skills of both staff and students. Therefore, various language-learning offers have been developed within the alliance.

SEA-EU Virtual Language Courses

SEA-EU actively wishes to promote and encourage students and staff to learn a second or third language on an alliance-wide level. The SEA-EU Virtual Language Courses platform is a key element to achieve this vision. The platform lists courses offered by each SEA-EU partner university to participants from other partner universities and it is updated on a continuing basis. Throughout the semester, interested members of staff and students can register for these courses on an on-going basis. This not only fosters mutual understanding, but also contributes to a common European identity.


Virtual Tandem Language Exchange

Are you already learning a language and are at roughly B1-level? Would you rather continue to learn flexibly and at your own pace? Is the most important thing for you to meet people from other countries? Then a Tandem Language partnership might be a good solution for you! We are there to help you find a tandem partner.

In a nutshell,Tandem Language Learning is a form of informal language learning exchange between two people. It is based on the mutual practice of a language. It usually, but not necessarily, involves two native speakers of different languages teaching each other their mother tongue.

There are numerous benefits of signing up for a language tandem: You can improve your speaking and listening skills hands-on with a native speaker, either in person or online (tandem partner abroad). You have the flexibility to define what, when, and how you want to learn. You can experience language learning outside of the classroom. You can make new friends and learn about a new culture. Most importantly, it is fun!

There are no set rules: just be respectful toward one another! We do, however, provide some Guidelines.
You can find more information on the "Language Offers" page of the SEA-EU. Go to the Language Offers website.


Intensive Language Courses (for CAU Students and Staff Only)

Multilingualism is one of the core competencies promoted within the SEA-EU alliance. To foster mutual understanding and communication within the alliance, Kiel University offers intensive language courses to both its staff and students. Since 2020, over 30 intensive courses in six languages of our alliance partners, namely Spanish, English, French, Croatian, Polish and German, have taken place in collaboration with the department of German as a Foreign Language (DaF).
Stay tuned for the next round of language courses!

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Dr. Jonathan Durgadoo