SEA-EU Photo Contest 2020

Between October and December 2020, the first SEA-EU photo competition took place at Kiel University as part of the project "SEA-EU - European University of the Seas". Inspired by the theme "The Sea and Us", students of all faculties of Kiel University were invited to submit their most beautiful pictures showing a connection between humans and the sea.

The preliminary round took place in parallel at all partner universities. The competition was intended to illuminate the motto from different perspectives. Whether the image showed sustainable living by and with the sea, whether it focused on maritime and cultural heritage or the theme of sea and coastal cities, nature and people or just seascapes - every image that showed a connection between people and the sea , had a chance to enter the contest. An independent expert jury from the fields of photography, film, public relations and international cooperation evaluated the images. These experts evaluated how the image dealt with the given topic, as well as the technical and artistic implementation.

As jury members, the SEA-EU team recruited the director of the CINEMARE film festival, Dr. Till Dietsche, as well as Tom Körber, freelance journalist and photographer in the fields of landscape, architecture and water sports. The two final members of the jury were Dr. Elisabeth Grunwald from the International Center and Jan Winters from the Press, Communications and Marketing department of Kiel University.

The three best pictures from Kiel were awarded vouchers worth 100, 50 and 30 euros and automatically took part in the European final. In the end, a student from Brest won the final competition and was rewarded with an Interrail voucher worth 350 euros. In addition, the best 18 European pictures were presented in a photo exhibition during the CINEMARE film festival in August 2021.

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