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The jellyfish trainer

Study from Kiel and Copenhagen shows for the first time that even simple nervous systems can learn

Three people at the presentation of a prize

Rainer Adelung receives the DGM Prize 2023 of the German Materials Society

Professor for Functional Nanomaterials honoured for developing innovative material concepts


Muscles for soft robots inspired by nature

International team of Materials Scientists significantly improves the performance of thermosponsive hydrogel actuators



Julia Siekmann
Science Communication Officer, Research area Kiel Nano Surface and Interface Sciences

Dates and Events

Science Centre at the Kiel Science Park

In its first international symposium, the priority research area KiNSIS combines the fields of health and energy


Eine Medaille im Bilderrahmen

KiNSIS Award Ceremony of the Diels Planck Medal to Valeria Nicolosi (Trinity College Dublin) and the Doctoral Thesis awards 2023

Publikum in einem Seminarraum

Joint workshop of the CAU's priority research areas KiNSIS and Kiel Life Science

Talk on Gender Equality and Diversity topics within the KiNSIS Colloquium

Electron Beam Spectroscopy for Nanooptics Workshop