KiNSIS Doctoral Thesis Awards

Every year, the KiNSIS research focus awards prizes for outstanding doctoral dissertations in the KiNSIS subject areas. Each prize is endowed with 1,000 euro.

The doctoral prizes are awarded in the following fields:

  •     Physics
  •     Chemistry
  •     Engineering
  •     Life Sciences

KiNSIS members can submit a proposal for their respective topic. The proposal should include the following documents:

  •     Name, address, email address and bank details of the doctoral researcher
  •     Supervisor and title of the dissertation
  •     Copies of the doctoral certificate and transcripts
  •     Curriculum vitae with list of publications, lectures, awards etc.
  •     Statement by the supervisor (max. of 1 page)

In accordance with the decision of the General Meeting dated 10 February 2016, the KiNSIS Board decides on the award.

KiNSIS Doctoral Thesis Awards 2023

Group picture
© Julia Siekmann, Uni Kiel

Junior professor Huayna Terraschke (far left) and Dr Alexander Vahl (far right), members of the KiNSIS Board for Young Scientists, presented the doctoral awards to Dr Haoyi Qiu (from left), Dr Luka Hansen, Dr Mevlüt Yalaz and Dr Nicholas Bungert.

KiNSIS Doctoral Thesis Award Life Sciences:
Dr. rer. nat. Nicholas Bungert, Institute of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Regina Scherließ
"Surface effects in dry powders for inhalation"

KiNSIS Doctoral Thesis Award Physics:
Dr. rer. nat. Luka Hansen, Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics, Prof. Dr. Holger Kersten
"Design and diagnostic of a micro discharge for in situ TEM investigation of plasma surface processes"

KiNSIS Doctoral Thesis Award Engineering:
Dr.-Ing. Haoyi Qiu, Institute for Materials Science, Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung
"Functional nano materials for environmentally friendly biofouling control"

KiNSIS Doctoral Thesis Award Engineering:
Dr.-Ing. Mevlüt Yalaz, Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology,  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Höft | SFB 1261 "Biomagnetic Sensing"
"Deep brain stimulation electrode localization and orientation detection using magnetic field meaurements"

Press release about the award ceremony, 09.10.2023

Next application deadline: 01 April 2024

Please submit all documents summarised as a PDF document by email to
Dr Tina Kerby
KiNSIS Coordination
 +49 431 880-6272