KiNSIS Young Academy

The aim of the KiNSIS Young Academy is to connect doctoral researchers with each other and to promote their academic careers in the nano, surface and interface science in the best possible way. The doctoral researchers themselves are involved in the design of the Young Academy in order to

  • Get to know other doctoral researchers from chemistry, electrical engineering, life science, materials science and physics, for example as future cooperation partners or for a personal exchange across the disciplines
  • To help develop support offers for the doctoral phase according to personal needs
  • Gain practical experience for their own academic career

Target group:

  • Doctoral researchers from the natural and engineering sciences (regardless of whether the working group leader is a KiNSIS member)
  • Master students who wish to pursue a scientific career
  • Postdocs, approx. 2 years after their doctorate


  • join the 'KiNSIS Young Academy' group on the online learning platform OLAT. Here you can propose your own ideas, participate in the organising team and receive event invitations (e.g. to KiNSIS colloquia, lab tours, seminars).

KiNSIS Young Academy Open OLAT Group: