Studying at Kiel University

Kiel University is dedicated to research-based teaching and learning. Therefore, the development of new teaching approaches is evolving constantly at the interfaces between research from the different scientific disciplines. Students from all over the world benefit from this: research results are quickly integrated into programme curricula and our academic staff is trained in-state-of-the-art teaching methods.

Students can choose from 190 different degree programmes. They extend from more general to specialized ones, from single to interdisciplinary degrees and from basic to applied fields of study. Many degree programmes are even offered in English. Some Master's and doctoral programmes are also specialized for international students. 

Kiel University strives to offer students of all backgrounds a vibrant and stimulating learning environment to promote the development of the individual. We encourage all our students to embrace diversity, challenge disciplinary boundaries and engage in an extended dialogue with society.


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Degree programmes

Course catalogue for exchange students

Kiel University offers a wide range of degree programmes, which are available to international students: from agricultural studies to economics and sustainability studies. Erasmus students should only choose courses in subjects which our universities have bilateral agreements in. Please ask your home university for more information. 

More about the course catalogue and study languages

Summer courses

Every year the International Center offers several summer courses for international students and graduates from foreign universities in collaboration with other cooperation partners. These courses offer different levels of German according to the audience’s abilities.


Overview of summer courses


ERASMUS is the successful EU's flagship education and training programme and has been funding cooperation among higher education institutions across Europe since 1987. It supports students, lecturers and university staff who want to spend time abroad.

ERASMUS+ is the programme’s 2014-2020 generation proposed by the European Commission for education, training, youth and sport, which has a budget of around €14.8 billion. About two million students will benefit from Erasmus+ by 2020, including more than a quarter of a million from Germany. ERASMUS+ student mobility promotes study visits and internships abroad. The staff mobility programme line promotes teaching assignments and stays abroad for training purposes. Special support is available for participants with disabilities and for students with children.


You are a student of one of our European Partner Universities and you would like to study at Kiel University as an ERASMUS exchange student for one or two semesters? We look forward to your application and hope to welcome you here soon! 

More about ERASMUS at the CAU

Graduate schools and doctoral programmes

Kiel University has several institutions that provide services for doctoral researchers and specific offers for foreign doctoral researchers.

In addition, the Graduate Center at Kiel University supports doctoral researchers in all matters relevant to their studies. The Graduate Center’s programmes and services are continuously updated and optimized according to the needs of doctoral researchers at Kiel University.

More about graduate schools and doctoral programmes

Certificate programme for internationals

If you can imagine staying in Germany after your graduation in an English master programme and applying for a job, this new programme having started in the winter term 2017/18 is an ideal option for you. The preparation for the German job market is a project you should start with as early as possible and you should not delay it to the day after your graduation, especially if your German skills are still at a low level.

More about "Fit 4 your future in Germany"


The CAU is part of the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) - a super-campus that stretches from the Mediterranean to the Arctic Circle. Students at Kiel University benefit from the Europe-wide university network and an international community of 150,000 students. Broaden your horizons through academic courses and modules, explore your interests via international exchange and participation in SEA-EU sports and cultural events.

More about SEA-EU

Application & admission

University entrance qualification

If you want to study at a German university, you will need a “university entrance qualification” (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung). This is your school-leaving certificate which qualifies you for university studies. If your secondary-school certificate is insufficient for study in Germany, you will have to attend a foundation course (“Studienkolleg”) before you are allowed to enrol. You can use the DAAD database on admission requirements to check whether your higher education entrance qualification is recognised in Germany.

Visit the DAAD database on admission requirements

DSH exam

In order to enrol for a degree programme at Kiel University, you need to take a DSH exam. Please note that only DSH exams which have been accredited by the HRK (German Rector’s Conference) will be recognized.

At Kiel University, intensive courses are offered that are particularly aimed at applicants who have received their university entrance qualification at a non-German institution. There are 3 course levels: Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Advanced. Admission to the preparatory course and placement in the respective level will be decided by the results of the placement test at the beginning of the semester. Each level lasts one semester. After completing Intermediate Level II, applicants will have the opportunity to take the matriculation German examination.

Visit the "German as a foreign language" unit

Further entrance requirements

Some courses require special prior knowledge. These can be found in the "Studienqualifikationssatzung" (study qualification rules, PDF). Please hand in the "Bescheinigung über 'besondere Vorkenntnisse' gemäß Studienqualifikationssatzung" along with your application. This is proof for your future department confirming that you fulfil the requirements.

If you wish to apply for advanced semester status, your previous academic credentials must be accredited by means of a special form. Please check the "Examination Procedure Regulations" with the responsible examination authority.

Study services

Applying via Uni-ASSIST

In order to be accepted into any semester of a degree programme at Kiel University, all students with certificates from foreign educational institutions must go through the common application process with Uni-ASSIST (except programmes with special admission). You must complete the Uni-ASSIST  online application form. Please note that you still have to post your application documents to Uni-ASSIST. Applying online by itself is not sufficient.

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The International Center can provide services & advise