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Kiel University has faith in the innovative potential of young talents to help solve scientific and social problems. This potential is nurtured even before studying at the CAU via an excellent interdisciplinary environment, support and recognition. Kiel University alumni carry this "CAU spirit" with them after their studies, forming a lively network of like-minded graduates, which enables Kiel University to live by its principles of lifelong learning and social responsibility. And it’s not only our students who benefit from this scientific prowess - the state university also enables outsiders to gain insights into the world of cutting-edge science, turning citizens into researchers at Kiel University.


Kieler Forschungs­werkstatt

The Kieler Forschungswerkstatt (research workshop) offers school pupils and entire school classes a look at the CAU’s latest research. It’s also good for student teachers - they gain practical teaching experience and attend supplementary training courses. The workshop is the product of close cooperation between the CAU’s priority research areas and specialists at the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN), which is the key to its success.

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    The workshop’s priority research areas

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    Teacher Training at Kiel University

    Schools are where the next generations are taught the latest knowledge and where pupils are prepared for future challenges. They need teachers whose various skills enable them to be role models and who adapt new scientific fields and topic areas for their lessons throughout their careers. This is how the CAU trains its teachers to be. The teacher training programmes as well as the further and continued education services for active teachers are designed in cooperation with the four priority research areas at Kiel University on the basis of current research findings.

    Schleswig-Holsteinische Universitäts-Gesellschaft (SHUG)

    SHUG stands for Schleswig-Holsteinische Universitäts-Gesellschaft, which means Schleswig-Holstein’s University Society, and it was founded in 1918 by supporters and friends of Kiel University. The society enables interested citizens to gain insights into the university’s research, involves them in youth and adult education, and nurtures relationships between the state of Schleswig-Holstein and the university. SHUG’s work is carried out by volunteers at around 50 branches with 4,600 members spread across the state, and by university lecturers at the CAU, who actively contribute to knowledge transfer in the state with their lectures and events.

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    Museums and collections

    University museums and collections are key scientific and cultural parts of the city. They pass on knowledge, they are research institutes, they shape the city image and are united as places which collect, store and discover. Kiel University also regards them as impressive places to encounter the important elements of science communication.

    Overview: museums & collections


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    Kiel University Publishing

    Kiel University Publishing supports researchers at Kiel University in the professional realisation of selected publication projects. It makes research findings widely visible and usable. It promotes the change to an open publication culture that allows all social groups free access to scientific information. All publications therefore appear in an electronic version under a licence that is as free as possible (Open Access) with clearly stated usage options.

    The publishing service run by the University Library is open to all members of Kiel University.

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    Music ensembles

    Whether it is the Collegium Musicum, the Studentenkantorei, academic choir or the chamber orchestra: the music ensembles at the CAU not only encourage upcoming musicians and combine musical theory with musical practice. As ambassadors of the university, they are also a fixed part of the musical landscape in Schleswig-Holstein.

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    Academic further education

    The CAU offers private individuals and companies continuing education courses for professional qualifications on an academic level and for personal development. The offer includes seminars and workshops, coaching, counseling, further education certificates at university level or information events.

    Further education opportunities

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    yooweedoo is a multi-university platform for sustainable development which originated at Kiel University, where dedicated people learn how they can change the world with their own projects. Change and responsibility begin with small steps.


    To yooweedoo’s web presence is a regional educational cluster, funded by partners from the universities, business and civil society. It has been offering practical training courses since 2009 which are open to all interested parties. Participants develop valuable contacts with regional players and gather practical experience in the courses. Students can get this recognised as credits towards their studies.

    In return, companies and non-profit organisations establish contacts with the universities, and get to know students. Start-ups and freelancers can use workplaces available in the Gründerraum (founders’ room) and the co-working space. gives you the support and networking you need.



    KiSOC is the Kiel Science Outreach Campus, and its goal is to study the concepts and effects of different methods of presenting science to various target groups in society, in order to close the research gap which currently exists. There are lots of approaches to scientific communication, but very little hard data on how good they are. KiSOC investigates, further develops and evaluates a selection of these approaches to identify critical influences on their effectiveness.


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    Kiel Science Dialog - an interface between science and society - is currently being built at Seeburg, which is right on the Kiellinie promenade in an attractive fjord location, and is developing into a place for interaction and co-operation between science and society. Innovative participation formats will enable citizens and stakeholders to converse with Kiel University on a range of socially significant topics, which will help to raise the regional and international profiles of Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein as important locations for science.


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