Call for donations by the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine at Kiel University is following Russia’s attack on Ukraine with absolute dismay – and expressly supports the CAU University Board’s declaration to condemn the war against Ukraine.

In collaboration, the University Board at the CAU supports the initiative by the Faculty of Medicine and the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein. As part of the donation campaign “UKSH Gutes tun! UKSH hilft Ukraine” (do something good, the UKSH is helping Ukraine), the UKSH is donating medical supplies to help provide medical treatment for the Ukrainian population. If you would like to participate in this initiative, we are very grateful for any donations to the following account:

  • Recipient: UKSH WsG e.V.
  • IBAN: DE75 2105 0170 1400 1352 22
  • Transaction reference: FW14042: UKSH hilft Ukraine

More information: (Deutsch)

Statement of the Faculty of Medicine