38 million Euros approved for third new medical research building at Kiel University

Future research and teaching campus of the Faculty of Medicine, in the overall architectural master plan of the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH). Layout/Copyright: Faculty of Medicine, CAU

A new and ultra-modern medical research and teaching campus for Kiel University is being constructed along Feldstraße for the Faculty of Medicine. The German Council of Science and Humanities has approved funding for a third new research building, with estimated construction costs of 38.2 EUR million. The Council of Science and Humanities is the most important science policy advisory body in Germany. It advises the federal government and the states on matters of content and structural development of the higher education system, and on the public funding of research institutes of national significance (construction of new research buildings in terms of Article 91b Par. 1 of the federal constitution).

A new research building is being constructed along Feldstraße for the Faculty of Medicine. Another is in the planning stage. The third new research building will house the Centre for Integrative Systems Medicine (ZISMed). The goals of the new centre are to gather structured, multi-dimensional patient data, to develop methods for early detection of chronic diseases and for model-based treatment selection, and to discover mechanisms of action across diseases. "Initially, research in the ZISMed will focus on chronic inflammatory bowel and skin diseases, and on neurodegenerative diseases. The Faculty of Medicine at the CAU has already gained an international reputation for its achievements related to these two groups of diseases," explained the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Kiel, Professor Ulrich Stephani.

The building’s spatial concept is designed on a modular basis, and has at its core the multi-dimensional analysis of subjects who are not yet ill, as well as patients with one of the diseases researched by the ZISMed. The new building for the ZISMed is also associated with the consolidation and concentration of significant research activities on campus under one roof. As a result, spaces will be used more efficiently, and synergies in joint research projects can be fully exploited. The idea is to create a new innovative research and teaching campus for the Faculty of Medicine.

The spatial and personnel integration of the ZISMed with the UKSH, Campus Kiel, ensures that the scientists and patients alike can benefit from each other. In terms of content and strategy, the work will be (co-)determined by clinical experience. At the same time, research in its own building enables work with large groups of patients, without affecting the regular healthcare operations.

15 working groups, with 192 positions for 147 scientific and 45 non-scientific employees, will be researching and teaching in the new building. The staff at the centre are drawn from the participating departments and institutes. No healthcare services will be provided in the ZISMed itself. Although it is located in the immediate vicinity of the hospital departments, it distinguishes itself from them due to its research focus on systems medicine, and therefore complements them in a whole new way.

New medical campus at Kiel University

In the coming years, funding for modernising medical research and teaching at the CAU from the state of Schleswig-Holstein amounts to a total of €86.9 million for construction work, as well as €9.5 million for infrastructure measures. By 2025, this will create around 12,000 square meters of primary space for medical research, and approximately 1,700 square meters for medical teaching. Three new research buildings and a new lecture hall, together with renovated existing buildings, will in future make up the new CAU research and study campus at the Kiel Campus of the UKSH. The completion of the first new research building is planned for spring 2019. The second new research building is expected to be built by 2023. For CAU Chancellor Claudia Meyer, the medical campus is an important element of the current refurbishment of Kiel University, which affects large parts of the institution. "We would like to thank the state very much for their generous support with this massive project. We are convinced that this investment will pay off for Schleswig-Holstein and the people living here. Kiel University will make its contribution to this."

Key facts:
Usable space: 3,958 m²
Construction costs: €38.179 million (including initial furnishings/fixtures and large equipment)
Construction: 2019 – 2023
Construction of new research building 1: 2016 – 2019
Construction of new research building 2: 2020 – 2023

Layout of the new research building (PDF):
Future research and teaching campus of the Faculty of Medicine. 
Layout/Copyright: Jürgen Haacks, CAU

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