Overview of framework plans and individual construction projects

Framework for campus development



A new urban district is being built in Kiel. The new campus area includes a new building for evolutionary research (CeTEB), a new building for the Max Rubner Institute (Bundesbau) as well as halls of residence and much more.

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Rahmenplan der Technischen Fakultät mit Highlight auf ZEVS und Hörsaalneubau
© Victoria von Gaudecker Architektur & BL9 Landschaftsarchitekten, bearb. CAU

Faculty of Engineering

The grounds and buildings of the Faculty of Engineering are to meet the modern and competitive requirements of university research and teaching and will be completely redesigned.

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Visualisierung vom Gebäudekomplex
© Architekturbüro Henn

Medical campus

A new medical research and teaching campus for Kiel University is being built on Feldstraße. This will consist of three new research buildings and a study campus with a new lecture hall building.

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Anger grounds

The redesign of the Anger site, which was decided in 2017, is based on the idea of an open campus design flowing into the city, which also strengthens the transfer of knowledge in spatial terms.

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Visualization of the Anger Ground plannings
Graphic Construction crane

Individual major building measures (ongoing)

Visualisation of the new building
© agn, vinci facilities

Agricultural Sciences and Computing Centre

The new building for the agricultural sciences institutes will be a modern lab and office building, which will also include the Computing Centre offices.

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Visualization of the new building
© hammeskrause architekten bda

CeTEB (New building for Evolutionary Biology)

The "Center for Fundamental Research in Translational Evolutionary Biology" (CeTEB) is set to receive a new building on the CAU campus, as announced by the Joint Science Conference of the Federal Government and the Länder (GWK) in June 2020. The building, covering nearly 5,000 square metres, will be constructed on the Bremerskamp site as part of the new "Kiel.Science.City" urban quarter at CAU and is expected to be completed by 2026.

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Grafik des Neubaus von Außen
© Birkholz Stubenrauch Architektur Ingenieurges.mbH

Specialised departmental library for Economics and Social Sciences

Kiel University (CAU) is consolidating its specialised departmental libraries for economics and social sciences into a new building located at Heinrich-Hecht-Platz. The CAU is investing approximately ten million euros in the construction of this new library building, with completion expected by 2024.

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Visualisation of the building complex
© agn Leusmann GmbH

Faculty blocks with library association

The renovation of the faculty blocks and the creation of a library association is now entering the third phase.


Visualisation of the new building for Geosciences.
Grafic: Nickl & Partner

Geo­sciences with "Geotechnikum"

The urban development objective of the new Institute of Geosciences building is to generate an independent, distinctive building that can depict the extensive spatial programme and blend in with the existing campus structure.

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New building for Animal Husbandry and Physiology
© doranth post architekten


This new 6 storey building unites a number of different uses by the CAU's Animal Facility and the Institute of Physiology under one roof. 

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Visualisierung des Neubaus
© pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG, Visualisierung Mischa Lötzsch, 4 [e] motions

Lecture hall building for the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering’s lecture hall buildingwill form the new entrance to the campus in Gaarden and is an important building block for networking the faculty with the district.

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Kiel Art Gallery
© Bernd Perlbach

Kunsthalle zu Kiel (art gallery)

Renovation measures and the temporary accommodation of the gallery's objects and staff have been necessary for some time. The measures will commence in 2023 and will require the Kunsthalle to close.


Visualisierung des Gebäudes
© Schmieder.Dau.Architekten

Car park at Mensa I

At the beginning of 2020, construction began for the new car park on the previous car park behind Mensa I. In future, this will offer space for CAU employees and will also have electric charging points.

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Visualisierung des Neubaus
© pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG, Visualisierung Mischa Lötzsch, 4 [e] motions

Centre for Networked Sensor Systems (ZEVS)

The centrepiece of the redesigned Ostufer campus will be the new building for sensor research. This new four-storey building will cover 3,600 square metres and will house laboratories, offices and a conference room for public seminars. An experimental basin is being built on the ground floor, which is unique in civil research and for which complex foundations were necessary on the construction site.

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Visualisierung vom Gebäudekomplex
© Architekturbüro Henn

Centre for Integrative Systems Medicine (ZISMed) and new research building 2

The Centre for Integrative Systems Medicine (ZISMed) and the new research building 2 complement the Quincke Research Centre. On 9,415 square metres of usable space, the new twin buildings will house extensive research laboratories and a study outpatient clinic, areas for biobanking and equipment platforms.

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Individual major construction measures (completed)

Außenaufnahme des Neubaus vor blauem Himmel
© Jürgen Haacks, Uni Kiel


In addition to labs and offices for the Department of Geography, the first two floors of the new 5 storey building will include a modern seminar area with working space for students.

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Visualisation Juridicum
© AGN Leusmann


With the construction of the new so-called Juridicum, a modern research, teaching and administration building for the Faculty of Law will be built. The Juridicum preludes the restructuring of the faculty blocks.

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Visualization of the new building for mathematics
© bloomimages


The new Department of Mathematics building is planned next to the Wissenschaftspark. In addition to classrooms and offices, the new building will also hold the joint library belonging to the Departments of Mathematics, Computer Science and the Computing Centre.

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Illustration of the first new research building at the Medical Campus
© Heinle, Wischer und Partner GbR

Quincke Research Centre

A new medical research and teaching campus for Kiel University is being built on Feldstraße. The Quincke Research Centre (QFZ) is the first of a total of three new research buildings. It has five floors and 4,100 square metres of usable space.

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