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First new replacement building on Kiel University’s Anger grounds

Femur bone in close-up

A new study examines the phenomenon of Rare Diseases in ancient societies

Rahmenplan der Technischen Fakultät mit Highlight auf ZEVS und Hörsaalneubau

Start of construction on ZEVS and lecture hall building marks start of Gaarden Campus redevelopment

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Laying of the foundation stone for a highly technical new building for the Institute of Geosciences with Geotechnicum

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The Faculty of Engineering at Kiel University on the Ostufer Campus in Gaarden will undergo a complete renewal in the next five years.

Kiel University celebrates roofing ceremony for the new Juridicum

The shell for the five-storied teaching, research and library building Juridicum is finished

A new and ultra-modern medical research and teaching campus for Kiel University is being constructed along Feldstraße for the Faculty of Medicine. The…


The area of Kiel University (CAU) known as the Anger, which is between Olshausenstraße and Westring, will be receiving a new, full, urban planning…

Sunday, 27 November. Evacuation from 10 a.m.

Due to a leakage in the Stadtwerke Kiel’s heating network connecting Leibnizstraße you have been informed that urgent repair work is expected to take…

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Current restrictions

During the week from December 12 to 16 a part of the road »Am Studentenhaus« will be closed for all motorised vehicles.

Due to numerous construction measures in campus area A, the entrance road to the entire campus area A will be closed for private vehicles as from 11…

As planned, most of the car park at Mensa I, Am Studentenwerk, will be closed from 12 October.

Closure of the footpath between the pedestrian bridge and Hermann-Rodewald-Straße from Monday 25 May onwards and restricted access to the Anger.

In future, access for all construction vehicles will be via the Wissenschaftspark. To enable this, an appropriate access route from Kuhnkestraße must…