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Exploring interconnectedness: Constructions of European and national identities in educational media

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On 3 and 4 May, over 20 scientists from six European nations will be attending the 3rd workshop by the international and interdisciplinary network “Exploring interconnectedness – Constructions of European and national identities in educational media” (EurEd) at Kiel University (CAU).

The aim of the EurEd project, which is funded by Danish research funding, is to develop an interdisciplinary research framework at EU level, which allows the semiotic coding of national and European concepts which are represented in educational media to be reconstructed, described and compared when examining the identity-forming function of educational media in various languages.

Under the leadership of a working group headed by Professor Katja Gorbahn (University of Aarhus) at the Universities of Aarhus and Copenhagen, interdisciplinary working groups have been formed, involving researchers from the Universities in Darmstadt, Helsinki, Hamburg, Ingolstadt, Kiel, Copenhagen, Lucerne, Munich, Odense, Poznań, Vienna, Zurich as well as the Georg Eckert Institute in Braunschweig. The CAU participates via Dr Katja Bethke-Prange (Scandinavian Linguistics), Dr Tobias Heinz (LeaP@CAU) and Professor Jörg Kilian (Didactics of the German Language) by heading three working groups in the EurEd project.

“As part of the EurEd project, we are looking for interdisciplinary answers to lots of different questions, such as: How are European and national identities constructed through linguistic and educational signals in educational media, like in school books? Which patterns can be detected? What is the relationship between different constructions of, for example, German or Danish national identities to a European identity?” explains Jörg Kilian. The researchers are also addressing which ideas of Europe and Nation these educational media come up against in school children.

As part of the workshop, Dr Anna Sandberg (University of Copenhagen) will be holding a public plenary speech on Friday 3 May, at 1pm, on the topic of “Constructions of National Identities in 19th Century Denmark: Language, Literature and Art as Zones of Conflict”. Those interested are warmly welcome to attend this free event in Room 207a, Leibnizstraße 1.

More information about EurEd:

Contacts at Kiel University:

Dr. Katja Bethke-Prange
Scandinavian Studies Department at the Institute of Scandinavian Studies, Frisian Studies and General Linguistics
+49 (0)431/880-2563

Dr. Tobias Heinz
Division for Teacher Education, LeaP@CAU
+49 (0)431/880-1034

Prof. Dr. phil. Jörg Kilian
German Philology/Didactics of the German Language at the Institute of German
+49 (0)431 880-5564