Further education at the CAU

From courses to boost foreign language skills, to IT seminars, tutorials for scientists, career advice for students, right through to the promotion of intercultural exchanges with other universities within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme for university staff: the CAU offers its employees a wide range of training for their personal development.

Further education programmes for all status groups

Continuing professional development for all university staff

The Continuing Professional Development Centre offers a wide range of further education courses for all CAU staff. The seminar programme is conducted online, in presence or hybrid and covers the areas of university didactics, leadership skills, intercultural skills and diversity, research ethics, career planning, career orientation for students, communication and social skills, work techniques and methods, foreign language skills as well as software skills and data management.

Training offered for all university staff by the Continuing Professional Development Centre



At the CAU, diversity and anti-discrimination are not only the subject of research and teaching, but also part of the further education programmes offered by the university. An overview of further education courses with a focus on diversity can be found on Kiel University’s diversity portal.

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eLK.Medien offers regular training courses in close cooperation with the Continuing Professional Development Centre. Training is focussed on the OpenOLAT learning platform, its technical functions and media-didactic use. Individual tutorials and training sessions are also available, customised by the eLK.Medien team according to participant needs.

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The Kiel University Library

Through the kiebiz (Kiel University Library’s building blocks for information skills) training programme, the University Library aims to support both students and scientists with acquiring and deepening their knowledge and skills related to independently dealing with information (in printed and electronic form).

To achieve this, the library offers interdisciplinary training courses (e.g. a general tour of the library, or courses on literature research), subject-specific training courses (e.g. database training) as well as lectures by the expert speakers from the ZBW.

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University Computing Centre

Every semester, the University Computing Centre provides training seminars, courses and tutorials on key IT topics, carried out both by Computing Centre employees and by partner institutions.

The target audience for the individual courses is not always restricted to specific groups such as students, employees, guests and partners, etc...

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Central Unit: Safety Engineering

The Central Unit: Safety Engineering offers regular training courses on the following topics:

  • Occupational health and safety legislation
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Health in the office
  • Training as a Safety Officer
  • Information event for apprentices
  • New challenges in dealing with students - Module 1
  • Safely handling gases

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International Center (ERASMUS+)

ERASMUS+ supports continuing and further education measures for university staff in countries involved in the programme, to increase internationalisation. For the purposes of continuing or further education, the staff of a German university with ECHE may be supported at a host university with ECHE or another institution located in a different programme country that is active in the job market or in the areas of general and professional education or youth work. University staff from all areas can receive support as part of this programme.

At the CAU, ERASMUS+ is coordinated by the International Center.

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Further education programmes for students and teachers

Continuing Professional Development for students and teachers

The Continuing Professional Development Centre  offers a wide range of research and teaching-related topics, various formats and advisory services. Kiel University certificates in university didactics, leadership skills and intercultural competence/diversity can be obtained. On current cross-cutting topics such as social relevance, digitalisation or research ethics, continuing academic education is a central forum for exchange, cooperation and development. In addition, there are offers tailored to the needs of different status groups, such as the newly appointed programme or the postdoc schools.

Projekt erfolgreiches Lehren und Lernen (PerLe) (Project for successful teaching and learning)

The qualifications offered for teachers by PerLe supplement the existing further education programmes available at the CAU, with subject-specific, tailor-made and innovative measures. Different formats and key topics cater to the specific training needs of the teachers. As such, the focus is on applicability in teaching practice, and the transfer relevance of the offers.

Training includes workshops, series of events, World Cafés, consultation appointments and also coaching for teachers. In addition, PerLe offers training designed specifically for tutors

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MultiMediaLabor (Multimedia Laboratory) at the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences

The Multimedia Laboratory (MML) at the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences regularly offers courses for students in MS Office (Excel, Word and Powerpoint).

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Career Center

Seminars offered

Kiel University’s Career Center regularly offers seminars and lectures in which students can, for example, learn how to successfully navigate job interviews, optimise their time management and self-management, or practice speaking in front of groups.  The seminars usually take place with groups of 8 - 15 people.

"Career Coaching"

Under the motto "Career Coaching", the Career Center has developed a programme to help students and doctoral researchers to utilise their resources and self-management skills successfully. A fee is payable for participation. At the same time, the "Career Coaching" programme also serves as preparation starting a career.

The coaching sessions therefore tackle the following topics:

  • Development of a personal job application strategy
  • Review of your own career/life planning
  • Support with forthcoming decisions on career choices
  • Resolution of work-related conflicts or problems
  • Simulation of a job interview

A coaching session lasts around 55 minutes, and takes place with absolute discretion and confidentiality.

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Coaching at the CAU

Coaching is a special form of consulting. In contrast with traditional consulting, the coach makes no specific suggestions for solutions during the coaching, but simply supports the client in the framework of a structured conversation. The goal is for the client to develop their own solutions. During these conversations, the client determines the objectives and specifies them together with the coach. In this way, the success of the coaching is measurable and verifiable.

Coaching is offered by various organisations at the CAU: