Redesigning the Anger Grounds

The idea to revitalise the Anger grounds, finalised in 2017, is founded on the principle of creating an open campus that seamlessly integrates with the city and reflects the university's commitment to engaging the public and transferring knowledge to the wider community. This vision is supported by the close proximity of Veloroute 10, which not only links the Grasweg (Institute of Pharmacy), Bremerskamp and Westring campus areas to the main campus, but also brings start-ups, public and private institutions closer to research and teaching. It has been decided to demolish the 1960s buildings on the Anger grounds and replace them with cutting-edge facilities in the coming years and decades. The design and construction of these new buildings is currently underway.

Replacements for Anger buildings

Agricultural Sciences and Computing Centre

Visualisation of the new building
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The new building for the agricultural sciences institutes will be a modern lab and office building, which will also include the Computing Centre offices.

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Geo­sciences with "Geotechnikum"

Visualisation of the new building for Geosciences.
Grafic: Nickl & Partner

The urban development objective of the new Institute of Geosciences building is to generate an independent, distinctive building that can depict the extensive spatial programme and blend in with the existing campus structure.

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New building for Animal Husbandry and Physiology
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This new 6 storey building unites a number of different uses by the CAU's Animal Facility and the Institute of Physiology under one roof. 

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Außenaufnahme des Neubaus vor blauem Himmel
© Jürgen Haacks, Uni Kiel

In addition to labs and offices for the Department of Geography, the first two floors of the new 5 storey building will include a modern seminar area with working space for students.

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Visualization of the new building for mathematics
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The new Department of Mathematics building is planned next to the Wissenschaftspark. In addition to classrooms and offices, the new building will also hold the joint library belonging to the Departments of Mathematics, Computer Science and the Computing Centre.

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News about Anger Grounds

First new replacement building on Kiel University’s Anger grounds

Laying of the foundation stone for a highly technical new building for the Institute of Geosciences with Geotechnicum

The area of Kiel University (CAU) known as the Anger, which is between Olshausenstraße and Westring, will be receiving a new, full, urban planning concept which other new buildings will align themselves with in future.

Due to the sustaining, very critical weather forecast, the University Board of Kiel University (CAU) has decided to suspend work and teaching at the “Anger-Bauten” (Ludewig-Meyn-Straße 2-16 and Hermann-Rodewald-Straße 5-9) and on the parking areas nearby from tomorrow 6 a.m. (Tuesday, March 31 ). All lectures and events at these buildings are hereby cancelled.

Storm warning: Closure of "Anger-Bauten" and areas nearby on Friday, January 9, from 12 o'clock

History of the Anger Grounds

Historical picture of the Anger Grounds under construction


Anger Grounds under construction

Anger Grounds


The Anger Grounds are getting on in years.


Anger Grounds


The first Anger building has been demolished. The subsoil is being prepared for the new building.



The new building for the Institute of Geography is ready.