Renovation of the Kunsthalle zu Kiel

Renovation measures and the interim accommodation of objects and staff at the Kunsthalle have been necessary for some time. In September 2022, the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag approved funding of almost 19.5 million euros from the KulturInvest programme for the renovation of the Kunsthalle zu Kiel. Previously, the state of Schleswig-Holstein had provided almost 30 million euros from the IMPULS programme. In the next step, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU) will concretise the construction planning and the time period for the closure of its Kunsthalle associated with the renovation.

Comprehensive measures in the coming years

For the listed Kunsthalle building in Düsternbrooker Weg, comprehensive structural renovation is essential and can no longer be postponed. "Standards in museum construction and operation have changed fundamentally since the last construction phase in the 1980s.This applies not only to the requirements for a climate that is as inert, cost-effective and sustainable as possible, but also to storage space and spatial programs," explains Dr. Anette Hüsch. "Alongside other considerations, there has been a growing focus on enhancing accessibility by minimizing barriers, as well as ensuring compliance with fire and occupational safety regulations and optimizing storage areas. All of these factors are being taken into account as part of the ongoing complex refurbishment effort," adds Dr. Uwe Pfründer, Head of Facility Management at CAU.

The scope of the planned measures precludes renovation work from taking place while operations are ongoing. As a result, visitors will likely have to forego on-site access to the exhibition from autumn 2023.

Kiel Art Gallery
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The Kunsthalle in Kiel is part of the Kiel University and headquarter of the Schleswig-Holstein Art Association, which was founded in 1843. Its collection is characterized, among other things, by its focus on 19th-century art, expressionism, and international contemporary art.

Key data:

Construction: from 2023
Refurbishment costs: 49.5 million euros plus CAU funds 
Implementation by: CAU Facility Management