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Specialised departmental library for Economics and Social Sciences

The specialised departmental libraries for Economics and Social Sciences at Kiel University (CAU) are to be merged in a new building on Heinrich-Hecht-Platz. Up until 2024, the CAU will be investing around €10 million in the new library building. Implementation will be managed by regional building management company Gebäudemanagement Schleswig-Holstein AöR (GMSH). Construction management will be the responsibility of architects Birkholz & Stubenrauch.

The new library will serve as the new home for students and researchers, stressed Professor Carsten Schultz, head of the specialised departmental library for Economics: “We are creating an innovative place for learning and teaching geared towards the current and future needs of its users. Modern spaces for individual and group work with user-friendly access to literature and the latest technical equipment will be incorporated into a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. The result will be inspiring!”

“I am pleased that so much has been invested in the design of the building – in terms of finance but also in terms of cooperation between colleagues from the departments involved, library staff, students and not least the Facility Management team at the CAU, regional building administration and architects,” added Professor Wilhelm Knelangen from the Department of Political Science.

The merger of the two specialised departmental libraries will produce practical synergies, including longer opening hours and a broader selection of specialist literature. The architectural design is characterised by skylights and a wide glass front, which will ensure plenty of natural light enters the building. In addition, there will be a variety of work spaces ranging from quiet areas through to communication islands and several group workrooms. Two seminar rooms fitted with the latest technical equipment will offer additional opportunities for teaching.

The façade onto Heinrich-Hecht-Platz will be particularly eye-catching with its large glass surfaces and partially closed surfaces clad in expanded metal. These will serve as insulation and sun protection. The metal surfaces will also provide views from inside to outside but offer privacy from outside. The building will feature a photovoltaic system installed on its roof, which will be able to generate some of the electricity required by the library.

Key data

Construction: 2022 to 2024
Construction costs: 10 million euros
Usable floor space: 1,686 sqm
Floors: 4
Architect: BirkholzStubenrauch Architektur und Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH