The medical campus

A new medical research and teaching campus for Kiel University is being constructed along Feldstraße. It will be formed out of three new research buildings, a new study centre and refurbished buildings at the area of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH). In order to modernize the medical research and teaching at the State University, the state of Schleswig-Holstein will provide a total of 86.9 million euros for construction measures and 9.5 million euros for infrastructure measures for the years to come. By 2025, around 12,000 square meters effective area will be created for medical research and about 1,700 square meters for medical teaching. Research labs and lecture halls, which were previously spread across numerous departments of the UKSH campus, will thus be arranged on one campus. For students in particular, the medical campus should be a place of contact and exchange.

New research buildings

In line with the existing surrounding buildings, some of which are listed buildings, the facades of the new medical campus buildings will be designed in yellow brick, and thereby set apart from the colour and material of the new central clinic made of red brick.

In March 2016, the ground-breaking ceremony was held for the first new research building, which marked the start of developing the site as a university medical campus. Its completion is planned for autumn 2019. The five-storey new building will have a usable space of over 4,100 square metres. Thanks to modular structures, the laboratory and office spaces can be easily modified to suit changing research projects and varying needs, so that the scientists can use the research building flexibly. The facade will incorporate a large glass area facing Feldstraße.

The University aims to achieve silver certification according to the national assessment system for sustainable building (BNB) for this new research building.

The plannins for the second new research building have started this year. For the third new building, Center for Integrative Systematic Medicine (ZISMed), the federal government recently granted a funding up to 38.2 million euros (cf. Art. 91b (1) German Constitution). The second and third research building will be completed until 2024.

Photo gallery of the erection of the first research building:

1. Forschungsneubau auf dem Medizin-Campus

New buildings for research and teaching

Illustration of the first new research building at the Medical Campus
© Heinle, Wischer und Partner GbR

A new medical research and teaching campus for Kiel University is being built on Feldstraße. The Quincke Research Centre (QFZ) is the first of a total of three new research buildings. It has five floors and 4,100 square metres of floor space.

to the Quincke research centre

Visualisierung des Neubau-Komplexes, Blick von oben
© Architekturbüro Henn

The Centre for Integrative Systems Medicine (ZISMed) and the new research building 2 complement the Quincke Research Centre. On 9,416 square metres of usable space, the twin new buildings will house extensive research laboratories and a study outpatient clinic, areas for biobanking and equipment platforms.

to the research buildings 2+3

Future Medical Research and Teaching Campus of Kiel University

The construction site for the medical research and teaching campus is located along Feldstraße in the immediate vicinity of the central building of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein.

Key data:

Quincke Research Centre
Construction: 2016-2019
Construction costs: 27.01 million euros
Useable area: 4,403 sqm
Floors: 5
Architect: Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Freie Architekten GbR

New research building 2
Construction: 2021-2026
Construction costs (incl. building costs): 56 million euros
Useable area 1-6: 5,318 m²

New research building 3 (ZISMed)
Construction: 2021-2026
Construction costs (incl. building costs): 41 million euros
Useable area 1-6: 4,098 m²

Study campus with new lecture hall building
Construction: 2026-2030
Useable area: 5,825 sqm
+ 1,600 sqm new lecture hall