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For the first time ever, a German team of physicists has observed the race of two electrons that are liberated from atoms in the course of…

Research group at Kiel University switches magnetism of individual molecules

German and Swedish research groups at Kiel University and Umeå Plant Science Centre have identified the long-sought bolting gene B in the sugar beet…

Scientists at Kiel University are following a new approach to treat diabetes

Apply for the Master of Science Programme “AgriGenomics“ now

Nanotechnology scientists and memory researchers at the Kiel University redesigned a mental learning process using electronic circuits

A new showcase for marine research opened in Kiel

New magnetoelectric sensors for deep brain stimulation

Interreg-Project “Bones4Culture“: the first analyses of 700 skeletons from the city of Schleswig

Kiel biologist discovers new animal enzyme to use plant toxins for self-defence

International degree programme “AgriGenomics” launched successfully

NASA and DLR place their trust in technology developed in Kiel, Germany

It can be a long way from theory to practice. A working group from Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU) has now reduced the gap between…

International Master’s degree programme ‘Digital Communications’ files patent applications

ESA chooses Solar Orbiter mission

First study on the ecological consequences of rain-index insurance

The Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany, is proud to host the first global diving conference. The initiator of this conference is the…

Kiel researchers discover novel state of crystal matter

Researchers find magnetic skyrmions in atomically thin metal film

Press release of the Institute of Materials Science and German Society for Electron Mircoscopy e.V.

Physicists unveil processes during fast chemical dissolution

Kiel nano-scientists take snapshots of electronic states

International research team develops innovative test for stem cells

Kiel University coordinates international network "Crop Life"

Scientists at Kiel University develop molecular machine in form of record player

A German-Danish co-operation project investigates twins

Marine scientists prove water cycle in subduction zones

Kiel University research project receives around six million euros

Triplet superconductivity proven experientially for first time

A team of scientists headed by Kiel University physicist studies molecules as conductors

Biochemists at Kiel University, along with international scientists, have identified an important messenger in the immune system

Scientists at Kiel University decipher fundamental protective mechanisms

Fossils reveal history of marine diversity in Chile

The Excellence Initiative proposal has been submitted

The Christian Albrecht University of Kiel stands out against other German universities in this year’s Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities…

Scientists at University of Kiel, Germany, find traces of Osedax in fossil whale bones

The performance of modern electronics increases steadily on a fast pace thanks to the ongoing miniaturization of the utilized components. However,…

After infection with HIV, the destruction of the immune system and the subsequent development of AIDS symptoms progress at different rates in…

A mutual epidemiological relationship between aggressive periodontitis and myocardial infarction has already been shown in the past. Scientists at the…

Kiel scientists prove that 100-year-old Europeans carry a special sequence variation of the FOXO3A gene

Scientists find link between genetic defect on chromosome 15 and epilepsy

Closely related animal species share most of their genes and look almost identical. However, minor morphological differences allow us to tell them…

Researchers at Kiel University report sequence-dependent effects of light on DNA

Reconstructing the climate of the past is an important tool for scientists to better understand and predict future climate changes that are the result…

Kiel University: yet another breakthrough in research into inflammatory diseases

New collaborative research centre to investigate interactions between climate and oxygen budget of tropical oceans

Research in Kiel, Lübeck and Borstel to receive around EUR 45 million

Nature as an Example: Nanotechnology and Surface Science

Applications for a cluster and a graduate school in the next round of the Initiative for Excellence

36 million for research in Schleswig-Holstein

Kiel University coordinates European research project on alpha-mannosidosis

Zoologists in Kiel succeed for the first time in transforming stem cells in freshwater polyps

Am ersten Schultag nach den Weihnachtsferien, am Donnerstag, dem 5. Januar 2006, findet das traditionelle Jugendkolleg an der…

Physicists at Kiel University discover an unusual state of matter

New link between atmospheric CO2, temperature and the Earth's orbit

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