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Dear readers,

The start of a new year is often compared to a fresh page. But the title of this year’s chapter for me for 2021 is clear: optimism. Because despite the impact the pandemic hit us all with in its various ways and forms, the kick off to the vaccination campaign gives me hope. For a long time at the beginning of the pandemic last year it was not clear if or how quickly a vaccine would be found. Or how long it would take before it could be administered. Now we have several compounds, production is running at full blast and the vaccination centres have opened for business. There is still much to do, that is certain. Scientists are tirelessly contributing towards clarifying these exceptional circumstances and are doing so across multiple disciplines. This issue of unizeit, for example, looks at the development of the vaccine and its safety, EU financial policy and medical ethics.

Despite and perhaps precisely because of the coronavirus, there are now scientific issues which are more relevant than ever before and which all take a solution-oriented look at social problems. Be it fair climate financing, the effects of 5G networks or alternative mobility concepts.

I hope you enjoy reading this varied issue!
Prof. Dr Simone Fulda

Man running on treadmill

Running pressure and shoe wear

Should running shoes really be exchanged after 500 kilometres, as some manufacturers recommend? This question is being considered by students at the Institute of Sport Sciences who are investigating how shoe wear affects the biomechanics of running.
Claudia Bozzaro

"Medical ethics do not provide pre-fabricated solutions"

With her appointment in October 2020, Claudia Bozzaro is the new Professor of Medical Ethics at Kiel University. In her interview with unizeit, she talks about challenges, answers to major health policy issues and the limits of medicine.


The language of molecules

Molecules, the connections between chemical elements, are contained in all the visible and invisible objects that surround us. Yet it is little known that molecules can also be used to transfer data and are a possible alternative to radio technology.

Futuristisch anmutender Serverraum

EU sets limits to data snooping

The retention of data is prohibited. This was decided by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) last October. However, the decision still provides some room for manoeuvre, as the highest judicial body of the EU allows for certain exceptions.

Standbild eines Lehrvideos

Better on film

Whether it's in German or physics, videos and other digital tools are not only adding variation to everyday teaching but also producing great successes in learning across many school subjects. The Centre for Teacher Training (ZfL) at Kiel University is investigating how this works.

Silhouetten stilisisierter Corona-Varianten

Success through change

Viruses are masters of evolution. The new coronavirus is clearly very good at adapting to new hosts. Over the last few months it has also adapted specifically to humans as hosts.

Office situation

Seduction instead of supervision

Tips for the perfect boss are on the menu at every career website and available on the shelves of every bookshop. But if the recipe for success and its ingredients are so clear, why are there still problems? Why do supervisors fail with their ideas?