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Lutz Kipp

by Prof Dr Lutz Kipp, President of Kiel University

Older man and younger woman at an office desk

Young, dynamic – and not taken seriously. Young people in leadership positions often suffer from a lack of acceptance.

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Less waste for a better climate: Kiel University is committed to “Zero Waste”. With the measures it has implemented since 2018, the university is not only leading the way in Germany, it is more successful than that: it has reduced its waste by 40 percent since then.

Complex weave of coloured lines and dots

The close cooperation between different departments is one of Kiel University's great strengths. The Strategy Department wants to reveal how interdisciplinary it really is - also in an interdisciplinary undertaking with Computer Science.

A man and a woman are sitting in a car.

Environmentally-friendly mobility - this is what lies behind the keyword "transport transition" (Verkehrswende). How this can also be achieved in rural areas is the focus of a project by the Cultural Geography Workgroup.

A robot hand hands a woman a syringe.

Faster, more effective and perhaps even smarter than humans: artificial intelligence often causes concern. Is this justified?

Kneeling person in a cereal field

The roots of social inequality reach far back into our past. Investigating their causes and their influence on the development of society is one of the core topics of the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS.


Wheat leaf infested with a fungus

Professor Eva Stukenbrock explores the interactions of fungi and their host organisms, especially with regard to the development of diseases. With this expertise, she was recently welcomed as a fellow of the international research institute CIFAR.

Person kneeling in the mudflats

The European Commission is funding 17 EU-wide university alliances as European Universities. Kiel University is part of the initiative, as one of six sites for the "European University of the Seas". It offers innovative courses and integrated mobility.

Colored clouds in a rotating water tank

Those who want to make accurate weather and climate predictions must have one thing above all else: an understanding of mathematics. Because bone-dry equations form the basis of all climate processes. In order to liven up his teaching, meteorologist Dr Torge Martin relies on wet experiments, with the support of PerLe funding for innovative teaching.

Students in a laboratory.

International cooperation is a big deal at Kiel University. In microbiology, it reaches all the way to Ethiopia. The reasons are not just scientific.

Symbold Verbeugungen

If people only said the bare minimum, then this world would be a very gruff place. The fact that people chatter away everywhere has a lot to do with politeness. A clear case (not only) for linguistics.

Kai Woitschach

Nine lecture halls, numerous cellar rooms and a great deal of technology, which can break - the Audimax keeps caretaker Kai Woitschach on his toes. Fortunately he's not afraid of great heights or narrow passages.

Verena Sauer

In her dissertation, Verena Sauer examined how the dialect Itzgründisch spoken on the Thuringian-Bavarian border developed between 1930 and 2014. Her results disproved the current position held in dialect research – which won her an academic award.

Luminous molecules on black background

Some chemical processes are so complex that it is almost impossible to say what is happening exactly. Computer-assisted methods, as developed by assistant professor Carolin König, can simulate these processes and thereby help us to understand them better.

Three women

Cognitive decline due to ageing can be prevented with a healthy and active lifestyle. This is the premise of the collaborative research project AgeWell.de, which researches possibilities for preventing dementia.

Monastery of Løgum

Until the Reformation, there was a wide range of monastic life in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. This is evidenced by the richly-illustrated monastery book in two volumes, produced at the Kiel chair of regional history.

Apollon temple

In the ancient world, the whole of Greece worshipped its gods - including the city of Corinth. There, however, from the year 50, early Christianity began to spread. How this came about is being researched by Professor Christiane Zimmermann within the framework of the Kiel-based Cluster of Excellence ROOTS.

Handball players throws the ball into the goal.

Response speed and better results when shooting: in order to train young handball players more effectively, students of Sports Science and the Faculty of Engineering have developed a new practice device in cooperation with the handball club THW Kiel - the handball column.

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Alongside Gustav Radbruch, Hans Kelsen is considered the most important German-speaking legal philosopher of the 20th century. The Kelsen Research Unit Kiel, established in the summer of 2019, wants to contribute to spreading the influence of this exceptional lawyer - also internationally.