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Dear readers,

The pandemic has us firmly in its grip again. After a quieter summer, contact restrictions and limitations on public life have returned to our everyday lives. Just recently, we welcomed our new students via video stream - for the first time unfortunately not personally in the Audimax. With prudence, understanding and mutual consideration, we can meet the challenges of further restrictions together.

The coronavirus pandemic has reminded us of the importance of science. The public interest in research has rarely been as great as it is now. Also in the "unizeit", it’s about giving a voice to scientists, and enabling insights into research operations beyond the university campus. The new issue that is in front of you today shows just how multi-faceted science is. Among other things, we take you inside the Center for Ocean and Society, which fights for sustainable use of our oceans, the Institute for Educational Psychological Research on Teaching and Learning (IPL), which researches how people assess their own abilities, or inside physical anthropology, in which 4,000-year-old skeletons offer an insight into everyday life in times long past. This time, the spotlight is on the EXIST funding programme: innovative start-up ideas showcase the successful transfer from science into practice.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition
Prof. Dr Simone Fulda

Pupils and teacher in a classroom

Talk is golden

How is relevant school knowledge represented, and how can it be conveyed properly? This question was the subject of an interdisciplinary didactics conference at Kiel University. Presentations and related findings have now been published as a book.
pills in pill bottles

Medical trials on defenceless patients

Medical trials on children, young people and adults in the care homes for the disabled and psychiatric wards in Schleswig-Holstein were common practice until 1975. Kiel University is now preparing a legal analysis of these procedures.

Four men on a square

A high frequency career

The “aerosense” project adopts a new approach to measure particulate matter. Thanks to funding provided by the EXIST Transfer of Research programme, those involved in the aerosense project have had their sights set on establishing a company since September.


Woman sitting on a red cube

Assistance for start-ups

Getting off to a good start is easy with a good idea and support from the Centre for Entrepreneurship (ZfE) at Kiel University. In 2020, the ZfE team is accompanying four simultaneous EXIST start-up projects on the path to independence.

Four men in front of a building

Turning more quietly

Wind turbines are too loud. That is the opinion of many actually or potentially affected people, which contributes significantly to the acceptance problems of this technology. An innovative quartet of experts who are very familiar with the topic of wind power is currently in the process of founding the company COMPOSE under the umbrella of Kiel University, which aims to achieve success with…

Human bones are analysed for externally visible signs of diseases

Down to the bone

Only the skeletal remains of the man who lived around 4,000 years ago in the Caucasus. And yet still he tells us his story.


EKSH doctoral degree scholarship recipient Yafei Guo

Research to fight world hunger

Yafei Guo came from China to Kiel, to conduct research into more environmentally friendly agriculture – and fell in love with the cool north. A doctoral degree scholarship from the Gesellschaft für Energie und Klimaschutz Schleswig-Holstein GmbH now gives him the necessary leeway for his ambitious dissertation project