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Dear readers,

The coronavirus pandemic has been with us now for three months of the summer semester 2020. While the first wave in Germany now seems somewhat under control, despite some regional outbreaks, the virus is still raging across the globe. And so, it is likely to be with us for some time to come. This is reason enough for another detailed look at the effects of SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19. In “Blickpunkt Corona” (spotlight on coronavirus), this issue will focus on, among other things, vulnerable supply chains in the global economy, stress tests for the healthcare system, legal issues thrown up by the pandemic and the power of numbers, which is experiencing a small renaissance in this time of coronavirus.

Along with all the fear of the unknown, however, coronavirus also offers opportunities, especially in the digitalisation of business and education processes. In this way, the pandemic has generated a huge boost for digitalisation. In an interview with psychologist Dr Thorsten Kolling, we examine whether and how, for example, online teaching can remain an important element of university education in future. There is a lot in flux right now: perhaps, in the end, there will actually be a new culture of teaching and learning at the CAU, forming the perfect link between digital formats and the equally indispensable face-to-face teaching. The signs for this look good. I hope you enjoy reading this edition of unizeit.

Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Ilka Parchmann
Vice President

Dices with numbers

The confusion about numbers

For many people, mathematical tasks sound like this: "A red camel stands in the moonlight in the desert. How heavy is the trout when it sings?" unizeit discussed what you can do to better grasp numbers with statistics Professor Sören Christensen.
Medical doctor on a small screen

Stress test for the healthcare sector

"Our healthcare system has demonstrated its adaptability during the coronavirus crisis, despite existing deficits," said Professor Carsten Schultz, innovation researcher in Kiel. And suddenly telemedicine is also possible.

King Christian X of Denmark in 1920

100 years of German-Danish border

In a few days, the border demarcation between Germany and Denmark will be 100 years old. The event will be celebrated on both sides of the barrier, which is now closed once again – but the celebrations will be bigger in Denmark than in Germany.

Sandy Ohm

Dream job: forensic pathologist

With a clear goal in mind, Sandy Ohm added her Abitur to a vocational training and began studying medicine. The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship provides her with the freedom to concentrate fully on her degree.

Harbour and Mount Etna

Moving earth in the Mediterranean

Sicily is located in a very geodynamically active region. Not only can the volcano Mount Etna erupt, but there is a serious risk of earthquakes or tsunamis. In an interdisciplinary project, Kiel scientists are analysing and evaluating the risks.

Boy with VR glasses

Educationally appropriate digitalisation

Will the coronavirus crisis help digitalisation achieve a breakthrough in the field of education? Professor Heidrun Allert believes that this would be rather missing the point. "Exceptional circumstances cannot be the yardstick for this," comments the scientist.

Megalithic grave in a foggy forest

Shutdown in the Neolithic Age

Around 3100 BC, Central Europe was hit by a crisis which led to a complete change in living conditions. Nothing was the same afterwards.