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Sören Christensen

Mathematics for uncertain situations

“I am interested in all processes in mathematics in which chance plays an important role. This branch of mathematics is called stochastics and includes probability theory and statistics. I deal, in particular, with how people should behave rationally in uncertain situations. Every one of us is in fact confronted with such questions, for example, the question of whether we choose the first free parking space or whether we prefer to drive on and look for a better option. This theory is used in such things as designing clinical studies, managing natural resources or questions relating to financial markets. As a maths ambassador for Stiftung Rechnen (foundation promoting numeracy) and newspaper columnist, I want to bring mathematics to a broad audience.”

Sören Christensen
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Sören Christensen

Sören Christensen, 37 years old, born in Kiel. Since April 2019 Professor of Stochastics at Kiel University. Previously Professor at Universität Hamburg and Associate Professor in Gothenburg, Sweden. 2010 Doctoral degree, 2014 Habilitation (postdoctoral lecture qualification) at Kiel University.


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