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Gerald Schwedler

The defining Middle Ages

“The Middle Ages was the epoch in which the structures of social interaction and trade that define Europe took shape. The city, in particular, proved to be a dynamic, versatile and adaptable social formation. As centres for continuous development, cities had to update and renew themselves time and again. This involved practices of overwriting and forgetting. I research economies, forms of urban living and epoch-specific dealing with the past. My research thus gains a perspective on the importance and creativity of medieval thought formations for the present.”

Gerald Schwedler
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Gerald Schwedler

Gerald Schwedler, 44 years old, born in Salzburg/Austria. Since November 2018 Professor of Late Medieval History as well as Economic and Social History at Kiel University. Previously interim professorships at the universities of Heidelberg and Konstanz. 2002 Doctoral degree at Heidelberg University, 2016 Habilitation (postdoctoral lecture qualification) at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

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