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The Kiel University Foundation

Established in 1974 from individual endowments, to promote research and education.
The Kiel University Foundation supports profile-enhancing performance and all aspects of academic life: lectures, conferences, congresses, projects of all the faculties and the University's communication strategy.

The Foundation for research into Schleswig-Holstein's history and local culture

Established in 1943 by the "Provinzialverband" (provincial association) of Schleswig-Holstein.
The Foundation promotes research into and the teaching of Schleswig-Holstein's history, through grants and subsidies for travel and printing expenses.

The Schönhauser Foundation

Established in 1885 by German Chancellor Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck on the occasion of his 70th birthday.
The Schönhauser Foundation promotes candidates to teach at "Gymnasien" (grammar schools) with support towards study trips abroad, in particular.

The Dr Peter Hirschfeld Foundation

Established in 1995 by Dr Peter Hirschfeld, former State Curator for Schleswig-Holstein
The Foundation supports the Institute of Art History, particularly in its publications. In exceptional cases the foundation also awards financial assistance towards study trips and excursions for students at the Institute.

The Professor Michaelis and Professor Pfannenstiel Memorial Foundation

Established in 1980 by Professor Kurt Semm, a pioneer of laparoscopy as a diagnostic method in gynecology
The Foundation encourages outstanding performance in the field of obstetrics by awarding prizes in gynecology (the Pfannenstiel Medal) and obstetrics (the Michaelis Medal).

The Foundation to promote medical research

Formed in 1990 from individual endowments and bequests, the Foundation promotes cancer research, in particular, by granting funds to medical projects and junior scientists. Furthermore the Foundation aims to support the IBZ (international encounter center) in providing accommodation for medical scientists visiting from abroad.

The Ferring Foundation

Established in 1983 by Dr Frederick Paulsen senior.
The Foundation organises the prize-giving ceremony to award the Ferring Prize. The Ferring Prize is endowed with 10,000 Euros, donated by Ferring Arzneimittel GmbH. It honours outstanding work in the field of endocrinology; its main beneficiaries are young scientists at the Faculty of Medicine of Kiel University who have published an outstanding piece of work in the field of endocrinology.

The Hensel Foundation

Endowed by the couple Irmgard and Walther Hensel in 1993,
The Foundation promotes junior medical scientists in their research into chronic diseases, particularly of the kidneys and other organs.
Furthermore the foundation awards the Hensel Prize, endowed with 100,000 Euros, which pays tribute to a scientist of the Faculty of Medicine of Kiel University for his/her outstanding medical research. The next prize will be awarded in 2012.

The Guldager Foundation - since 15.08.1997

1. The Foundation aims to promote the conservation and care of cultural works and works of art; to maintain them in their entirety, to evaluate and study them scientifically, and to present them to the public (ethnographic works, oil paintings, water colours, graphics, drawings and sculptures, and literary works by the founders).
2. Special Fund »The Guldager Prize«, awarded every 5-10 years from the income on the special fund, to celebrate the founder's 70th birthday. The aim of the Prize is to encourage interdisciplinary work that tackles cross-cutting interdisciplinary topics and yields new insights into holistic thinking, planning and action. Graduants and undergraduate students from all universities may submit their work.

The Dr Gisela Schindler Foundation

Endowed in 1998 by Professor Ralph Norwid Schindler, former Director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry at Kiel University, in memory of Dr Gisela Schindler.
The Foundation supports lectures at Kiel University, cultural events held by the University in Schleswig-Holstein, and maintains the University Church and the Bordesholm Monastery.

The Ralph Norwid Schindler Foundation

Endowed by Professor Ralph Norwid Schindler in 2003.
The Foundation promotes junior scientists in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at Kiel University by awarding the Schindler Family Prize. The prize-giving is on University Day at the Bordesholm Monastery. In 2009 Dr Ulrich Jung and Dr Frank von Horsten received the Schindler Family Prize for outstanding scientific work in their doctoral theses.
Furthermore the Foundation promotes lecturing events at Kiel University and supports the equipping of special research and educational projects in physical and theoretical chemistry.

The Kiel Beigel Foundation

Established by Annelore Beigel in 2006.
The Foundation awards the "Beigelsche Promotions-Preis" (Beigel Doctorate Prize) which promotes science and education in the research fields of immunology and ENT (ear, nose and throat) medicine at Kiel University's Faculty of Medicine.
The "Beigelsche Promotions-Preis" is awarded to an outstanding doctoral thesis in the field of immunology and ENT medicine. The thesis must be written at Kiel University.

The Bruhn Family Foundation

Established in 2010 by Professor Hans Dietrich Bruhn and Dr Annegret Bruhn.
The Bruhn Foundation annually awards the Bruhn Family Prize to promote medical research, particularly by junior scientists at Kiel University's Faculty of Medicine. The Prize is endowed with 20,000 Euros and honours outstanding doctoral theses or other excellent achievements and projects by young scientists.
Applications should be submitted to Kiel University's Medical Faculty, the Research Commission and the Board of the Bruhn Foundation for the Bruhn Family Prize.

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