EU-Forschungsrahmenprogramme (FP7 und Horizon 2020)


Projekt Projektleiter Laufzeit
ARCH – „Architecture and roadmap to manage multiple pressures on lagoons“ Prof. Dr. Athansios Vafeidis 2011-2015
BLUEPRINT – "A BLUEPRINT of Haematopoietic Epigenomes" Prof. Dr. Reiner Siebert 2011-2016
CANTOGETER – "Crops and ANimals TOGETHER" Prof. Dr. Antje Herrmann 2012-2015
DESCRAMBLE – "Drilling in supercritical geothermal condition" Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rabbel 2015-2018
DESIRE – “Development and Epilepsy - Strategies for Innovative Research to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment in children with difficult to treat Epilepsy” Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stephani 2013-2018
DOLORisk – “Understanding risk factors and determinants for neuropathic pain” Prof. Dr. Ralf Baron 2015-2019
ENCCA – "EUROPEAN NETWORK for CANCER research in CHILDREN and ADOLESCENTS" Prof. Dr. Martin Schrappe 2011-2015
EpiHealth – "Linking perturbed maternal environment during periconceptional development, due to diabetes, obesity or assisted reproductive technologies, and altered health during ageing" Prof. Dr. Almut Nebel 2011-2015
ESMERALDA  (CAU Koordinator) – “Enhancing ecoSysteM sERvices mApping for poLicy and Decision mAking” Dr. Benjamin Burkhard 2015-2018
FinMAP  (CAU Koordinator) – "Financial Distortions and Macroeconomic Performance: Expectations, Constraints and Interaction of Agents" Prof. Dr. Thomas Lux 2014-2016
GRAPHENE – “Graphene-Based Revolutions in ICT And Beyond” Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung 2013-2016
HESPERIA – "High Energy Solar Particle Events foRecastIng and Analysis" Prof. Dr. Bernd Heber 2015-2017
IdeaGarden – "An Interactive Learning Environment Fostering Creativity" Prof. Dr. Heidrun Allert 2012-2015
MAGicSky – "Magnetic Skyrmions for Future Nanospintronic Devices" Prof. Dr. Stefan Heinze 2015-2018
MYFISH – "Maximising yield of fisheries while balancing ecosystem, economic and social concerns" Dr. Rüdiger Voss 2012-2016
PREFACE – "Enhancing prediction of tropical Atlantic climate and its impact" Dr. Jörn Schmidt 2013-2017
RISES-AM – “Responses to coastal climate change: Innovative Stategies for high End Scenarios - Adaptation and Mitigation” Prof. Dr. Athanasios Vafeidis 2013-2016
SysmedIBD – "Systems medicine of chronic inflammatory bowel disease" Prof. Dr. Philip Rosenstiel 2012-2017
WELCOME – “Wearable Sensing and Smart Cloud Computing for Integrated Care to COPD
Patients with Co-morbidities”
Prof. Dr. Inez Frerichs 2013-2017


Europäischer Forschungsrat (ERC)

ERC Starting Grants

Projekt Gruppenleiterin Laufzeit
CellInspired  – “Mechanotransduction mediating cell adhesion - towards cell-inspired adaptive materials” Prof. Dr. Christine Selhuber-Unkel 2013-2018
EVOLATERAL  – “The mechanisms for lateral gene transfer in nature as reflected in prokaryote genomes" Prof. Dr. Tal Dagan 2012-2019
PhotoSmart  – “Photo-switching of smart surfaces for integrated biosensors” Prof. Dr. Martina Gerken


ERC Consolidator Grants

Projekt Gruppenleiter Laufzeit
HEART – “The Highly Efficient And Reliable smart Transformer (HEART), a new Heart for the Electric Distribution System” Prof. Dr. Marco Liserre 2014-2019



Projekt Projektleiter Laufzeit
EUROCLAST – “Exploring Functional and Developmental Osteoclast Heterogeneity in Health and Disease” Prof. Dr. Paul Saftig 2013-2017
IonTraC – "Ion Transport Proteins in Control of Cancer Cell Behaviour" Prof. Dr. Holger Kalthoff 2011-2015
MICROCHANGE – "Emergence of pathogenicity in the sea: altered hostmicrobe interactions in the face of environmental change” Prof. Dr. Thomas Bosch 2015-2017
MULTICELL – "Division of labour and the origin of multicellularity" Prof. Dr. Tal Dagan 2015-2017
Omega3max – "Maximising marine omega-3 retention in farmed fish: sustainable production of healthy food” Prof. Dr. Gerald Rimbach 2012-2015
QuantFung – “Quantitative Biology for Fungal Secondary Metabolite Producers” Prof. Dr. Frank Kempken 2013-2017
ZIP – “Zooming In between Plates: deciphering the nature of the plate interface in subduction zones” Prof. Dr. Thomas Meier 2013-2017


5A Deutschland - Danmark

Projekt Projektleiter Laufzeit
PE:Region Prof. Dr. Marco Liserre 2015-2019

Forscherinnen und Forscher von der Förde