Inventions, patents, licenses

patent lettersIn addition to research and teaching, the commercial use of research results is also part of Kiel University’s mandate. As much financial return as possible from money invested into research from collaboration with contracting authorities should lead to an economic profit that is as high as possible. In this context, protecting research results, such as technical inventions, software, brands and designs, is an important factor.
Kiel University’s University Board has therefore developed guidelines for intellectual property rights and licenses, which you can view here:

IPR-Policy und Licensing Policy of Kiel University

Employees are obliged to report an invention made at work to their employer, according to the Arbeitnehmer-Erfindergesetz (law on inventions of employees, ArbnErfG). The employer may then use these inventions.
The protection of inventions, software, brands and designs is then reviewed according to the following procedure:
•    Has a report (invention report) been filed?
•    What legal relationship does the inventor/creator have to Kiel University?
•    What legal claims do third parties have?
•    Which connections exist to Kiel University’s strategic objectives?
•    What opportunities are there to use the invention?
•    How much is Kiel University’s share of the costs?
You have declared intellectual property rights of Kiel University in the past and would like to assess the current property right situation for yourself?
Fill out the online questionnaire, in german only (internal access only) and get in touch with us.

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