DFG: Priority Programme “EarthShape: Earth Surface Shaping by Biota” (SPP 1803)
A common geoscience paradigm holds that the Earth’s surface is shaped mainly by climate (eroding soil) and tectonics (building mountains). The EarthShape project challenges this paradigm to explore in one of the most spectacular climate and vegetation gradients (the Chilean coastal range) how biologic processes form soil, influence topography, and thereby shape the Earth’s surface and modulate the impact of climate change.
EarthShape invites scientists to work on this common problem of human relevance. The new and innovative aspect of this Priority Programme is the integration of different bio- and geoscience communities (geosciences, ecology, soil sciences, hydrology, microbiology, or geography) that work on different temporal and spatial scales. Emphasis is placed on non-anthropogenic and non-glacial geomorphic processes.
Please send the project coordination by 15 December 2017.
If you have not yet registered, please note that you must do so by 29 January 2018.
Proposals must be submitted by 12 February 2018.