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Seabird Ecology Working Group (SAG)

Research on seabirds and shorebirds - NEWS (Last updated: Nov. 2013)

New publications

Garthe S, Montevecchi WA, Davoren GK (2011): Inter-annual changes in prey fields trigger different foraging tactics in a large marine predator. Limnology and Oceanography 56: 802-812.

Kotzerka J, Hatch SA, Garthe S (2011): Evidence for foraging site fidelity and individual foraging behavior of chick-reaing Pelagic Cormorants in the Gulf of Alaska. Condor 113: 80-88.

Rubarth J, Dreyer A, Guse N, Einax JW, Ebinghaus R (2011): Perfluorinated compounds in red-throated divers from the German Baltic Sea: new findings from their distribution in 10 different tissues. Environmental Chemistry 8: 419-428.

Schwemmer P, Garthe S (2011): Spatial and temporal patterns of habitat use by Eurasian Oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus) population in the eastern Wadden Sea as revealed using GPS data loggers. Marine Biology 158: 541-550.

Schwemmer P, Mendel B, Sonntag N, Dierschke V, Garthe S (2011): Effects of ship traffic on seabirds in offshore waters: implications for marine conservation and spatial planning. Ecological Applications 21: 1851-1860.

van Franeker JA, Blaize C, Danielsen J, Fairclough K, Gollan J, Guse N, Hansen P-L, Heubeck M, Jensen J-K, Le Guillou G, Olsen B, Olsen K-O, Pedersen J, Stienen EWM, Turner DM (2011): Monitoring plastic ingestion by the northern fulmar Fulmarus glacialis in the North Sea. Environmental Pollution 159 : 2609-2615

New projects

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