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The Research and Technology Centre Westcoast in Büsum was founded in 1988 as a central facility of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel. It pursues multidisciplinaryintegrative aligned coastal research, especially in the field of shallow water and estuary research. One of the main focuses lies in the dealing with applied, problem-oriented formulation of the coastal North Sea region, including the conversion of results of strategies and course of action for the coastal management. They are the foundation of many future regional, national and international political decisions concerning the environment, infrastructure and social-economy. Thus, and due to a high degree of soft-money funding (more than 50% of the total FTZ budget), on the FTZ facility contributes to the support of a sustainable infrastructure of the westcoast of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein.

Focus of the applied research of the FTZ lies in the study of effects of the Offshore Windparks to the marine environment, especially regarding marine mammals and sea birds, the eutrophication problem, projects about hydro- and sediment-dynamics of the coastal waters, changes of the coastal morphology and their prediction with numeric models, the development of new measuring methods for the marine environmental surveillance and in the micro-algae biotechnology. Synthesis of results brings conceptional contributions for an integrated coastal management.



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