mult.h File Reference

#include "gascoignemath.h"

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namespace  Gascoigne


template<class MATRIX1, class MATRIX2, class MATRIX3>
void Gascoigne::multeq (MATRIX1 &M, const MATRIX2 &A, const MATRIX3 &B)
template<class MATRIX, class VECTOR>
void Gascoigne::vmult (VECTOR &y, const MATRIX &M, const VECTOR &x)
template<class MATRIX, class VECTOR1, class VECTOR2>
void Gascoigne::vmulteq (VECTOR1 &y, const MATRIX &M, const VECTOR2 &x)
template<class MATRIX, class ITERATOR, class CITERATOR>
void Gascoigne::vmulteq2 (ITERATOR &py, const MATRIX &M, CITERATOR &px0)
template<class MATRIX, class CITERATOR>
double Gascoigne::norme (const MATRIX &M, CITERATOR px0)
template<class MATRIX, class VECTOR>
void Gascoigne::backward (VECTOR &dst, const MATRIX &M, const VECTOR &src)

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