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Teddy doctors treat cuddly toys        Student Meteorologist Conference        CAU introduces itself at the Schleswig-Holstein Day
Teddy doctors treat                                     Student Meteorologist                                CAU introduces itself at the
     cuddly toys                                                   Conference                                              Schleswig-Holstein Day

Personal commitment is at the heart of a university. It gives freedom to students, lecturers, researchers, doctoral students and other members of the institution, as well as opening up access to specific services.

Get involved and become a mentor. Pass on valuable suggestions and experience gained in your professional life to the next generation of students. Internships are an effective way of complementing theory with real life experience. To this end, we have created a platform where you can advertise these valuable placements as well as employment opportunities.

Place job advertisements and internship offers here.

Promote the university's services with additional financial means for selected projects. Become a  benefactor of Kiel University either by making a donation, however large or small, or establishing your own foundation to the benefit of the institution.

Support the university's services by joining one of the associations promoting an individual faculty or becoming a member of the registered association Alumni Kiel e.V. that spans all faculties.

Participate in our graduate surveys. We would like to contact you about this when the time comes.

This is where you can access the free university network.

Excursion to Syria        European Tournament of Dancing Students.jpg        Archaeological Excavation Project Berezovka / Groß Ottenhagen
          Excursion to Syria                                    European Tournament of                       Archaeological Excavation Project
                                                                                    Dancing Students                                Berezovka / Groß Ottenhagen 

The involvement of private patrons gives freedom to students and lecturers and enriches research and teaching in a variety of ways.

These are some of the projects that have been promoted by associations:

  • Excursion to Greece
  • Concours Rousseau - a competition on international law
  • Research project The Schleswig-Holstein Hamburg Monastery Register / Monastery Book
  • Information Technology Open Dayat the Faculty of Engineering
  • Geophysical Action Programme (GAP)
  • 39th European Tournament of Dancing Students
  • Publication "Christus pro nobis"
  • MOIN Conference
  • Excursion to Syria and Jordan
  • Excursion to the Germans in Romania
  • V-Tag der Heilpädagogen (event for remedial teachers on behavioural disorders)
  • Conference on Soil Protection held by the Institute for Geography
  • The National Model United Nations
  •  Subsidies for printing the publication on "Diversity in Sports Science"
  • Excursion to Syria
  • CAU institutes introduce themselves at the Schleswig-Holstein Day in Eckernförde
  • Student Meteorologists Conference at the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences (IFM-Geomar)
  • Training workshop organized by the Medical Students' Association: "Mit Sicherheit verliebt" (Be in love - but safe)
  • Daniel Höffker and Gabriel Zeilinger, publication: Fremde Herrscher. Elitentransfer und politische Integration im Ostseeraum (15.-18. Jahrhundert) (Foreign Rulers. Transfer of Elites and Political Integration in the Baltic Sea Region (15th-18th Centuries)
  • Students of the Faculty of Medicine organize the "Teddybär Krankenhaus" where teddy doctors treat cuddly toys
  • The Berezovka / Groß Ottenhagen II burial site


You can find further information about the projects at the end of the german site.

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