Committees of the University

Central Committees

The University Board

The University Board heads the university. It draws up the structural and development plan as well as the budget and implements the decisions of the Senate.

The Senate

The Senate is elected by all members of the university and thus represents all the university’s status groups. It’s most important tasks include passing resolutions for the university’s constitution and statutes, electing members of the University Board and making decisions about basic structural university topics.

The Senate forms advisory committees to prepare its resolutions.

The Extended Senate

In the Extended Senate, which was elected for the first time at Kiel University in 2018, all member groups of the university are represented, but with a different proportion of votes than in the Senate.

The University Council

The University Council consists of five external members. Its tasks include approving recommendations and opinions, passing resolutions for the university’s structural and developmental planning and approving statutes.


Faculty Committees


Members from all status groups consult and make decisions about faculty matters in the Conventions.

The Dean

The Dean is the head of the specialist department, and prepares and carries out the resolutions for the Department Convention. The Dean’s Office supports the Dean and the Vice Deans with their leadership tasks.