According to the Act on Universities and the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (Higher Education Act-HSG) in the version of February 5, 2016, the dean has the following duties in particular:

Section 30


(1) The Dean heads the department, prepares and executes the decisions of the faculty convention. In particular, he/she decides on the human resources and equipment assigned to the faculty, as well as on the use of scientific, artistic and other staff of the faculty; he/she shall inform the faculty convention. The dean is responsible for ensuring the necessary teaching courses and for the organization of studies and examinations as well as school-practical studies. For this purpose, he/she may give instructions to the members of the faculty who are obliged to teach. Section 4 remains unaffected. The dean involves the Equal Opportunities Commissioner of the faculty in all matters relating to his/her area of responsibility.

(2) The Dean is elected by the Faculty Convention from among all professors belonging to the faculty. The election period is two years. If the dean resigns before the end of the regular term, the convention may elect a successor for the remaining term of office for the resigned dean.

(3) The deans shall be adequately relieved of their duties as professors. In large departments, the constitution may provide that the deans exercise their respective offices full-time; in this case they shall be relieved from their previous duties. The membership status according to Section 13 (1) No. 1 remains unaffected.

(4) The dean is represented by up to two vice deans. They are elected from among the professors belonging to the faculty convention for at least two and at most four years.

(5) The deans and vice deans can be dismissed by the faculty convention with a majority of three quarters of its members.

(6) On the proposal of the dean, the faculty convention appoints one or more researchers as faculty commissioners for matters of teaching, study and examinations for a period of at least two years. In particular, they shall ensure that the examination regulations are issued, that the required range of courses is ensured and that the requirements of the quality management system to be fulfilled by the faculties according to Section 5 are implemented. The dean shall consult them before making fundamental decisions.

(7) Usually a department manager is assigned to the dean.

(8) If resolutions of the faculty convention or its committees violate the law or if they cause a serious disadvantage for the fulfilment of the tasks of the faculty or the university, the dean must bring about renewed consultation and resolution. If the concerns are not redressed, he/she shall inform the president.

(9) For matters that cannot be postponed, the dean decides instead of the faculty convention. In such cases, he/she shall inform the faculty convention immediately. The latter can overrule the decision, as long as no third party rights have arisen through its execution.