Contact Persons

The team of the "Management of the University Board" ensures the organization of the business processes of the university board and the central committees of the university as well as the internal operations of the central administration. Legal affairs are processed by the syndic, unless they are the responsibility of the specialist departments. Furthermore, we take care of the private promotion of science, the support of alumni, the foundations and sponsoring associations as well as election and archive matters. Our further tasks can be found in the activity descriptions of the individual contact persons.


Susanne Mielke-Vesper (GF)

  • Head of the staff unit
  • Management of the university board
  • Management of the senate und further committees
  • Committee elections
  • Coordination of the answer to large and small questions of regional politics
  • more...

Tel. 0431 880 1776


Max Brocks (SY)

  • General and university law matters
  •  Clarification and advice of institutions on legal issues
  • Anti-corruption officer
  • more...

Tel. 0431 880 1773


Lars Schäfer (GF a)

  • Participation in matters of academic self-administration
  • Maintenance of the publication of the statutes on the internet
  • Examination of applications for registration of student associations
  • more...

Tel. 0431 880 2120

Susann Mierswa (GF b)

  • Deputy head of staff
    • Participation in the management of the university board, in particular follow-up of the university board meetings and senate meetings
  • Organization of internal service operations
  • Basic matters of the central registry including lost property office
  • Document and file management for the staff unit

Tel. 0431 880 5500

Claudia Neumann (GF c)

  • Support of the German Scholarship Program at Kiel University, acquisition of funds and support of scholarship holders
  • Assistant to the management, in particular budget and scheduling matters
  • more...

Tel. 0431 880 1411



Alumni Management

Mareike Mika (P-AL)

  • Central alumni management
  • Development and implementation of a university-wide alumni strategy
  • Open graduate network
  • more

Tel. 0431 880 4036


Assistants of the Members of the University Board

Gabriele Albers (VorP)

  • Assistant to the President
  • more...

Tel. 0431 880 2100

Sissy Düring (VorK)

  • Assistant to the chancellor
  • more...

Tel. 0431 880 2103

Hendrik Sievers (VorVP a)

  • Assistant to the Vice Presidents
  • more...

Tel. 0431 880 2101


Driver of the University Board

Benjamin Dargel

  • Driver

Tel. 0431 880 2696

Department of Internal Services

Lars Schäfer (GF ID a)

Tanja Erich (GF ID b)

Tel. 0431 880 5044

Klaus Krützfeldt (GF ID c)

Tel. 0431 880 5249

Petra Böhm (GF ID d)

Tel. 0431 880 1786

Lubosch Bublák (GF ID e)

Tel. 0431 880 3019

Sven Mikelat (GF ID f)

Tel. 0431 880 5591/5044


External Persons (Coordination by the Management of the University Board)

Barbara Colic

  • Office of the association (Förderverein) "Alumni und Freunde der CAU e.V." more...

Dr. Jörg Rathjen

Tel. 04621 861800

Jochen Langbehn und Alexandra Haß

  • Electoral Office (occupied only during the preparation and conduct of elections)
  • more...

Tel. 0431 880 2079

General contact details of the staff unit

Postal address:
Management of the University Board
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
24098 Kiel

Visitor address:
Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4 (University high-rise buildung)
1./2./3./8. floor
24118 Kiel

Phone  +49 (0431) 880 1776
Telefax + 49 (0431) 880 7333