Numerous foundations support the faculties of Kiel University in order to implement cutting-edge research, to conduct innovative research, to award the best achievements. 16 foundations have been given directly to Kiel University as fiduciary foundations.

In addition, some independent foundations, such as the Bruhn Foundation or the Erich Schneider Foundation, work exclusively for Kiel University.The Kiel Unviersity Foundation accepts donations in order to increase the foundation's capital. Donations for other funding purposes can also be placed here at any time.  We would like to thank all the founders for their commitment and we will keep their memory.

  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Bonn
  • Alfred Toepfer Foundation, Hamburg
  • Alfried-Krupp von Bohlen- und Halbach Foundation
  • Beigelsche Foundation, Kiel
  • Brunswiker Foundation, Kiel
  • Bruhn Foundation
  • Brunswiker Foundation, Kiel
  • Kiel University Foundation
  • Christian-Wacker Foundation, München
  • Claussen-Simon Foundation,Hamburg
  • Deutsche Telekom Foundation, Bonn
  • Dr. Kock Foundation,Kiel
  • Dr. Dr. Gisela und Dr. Ralph Norwid Schindler Foundations at Kiel University
  • Dr. Peter Hirschfeld Foundation at Kiel University
  • Elisabeth von Senden Foundation
  • Erich Schneider  Foundation, Essen
  • Erika Thamm Foundation, Pinneberg
  • Familie Mehdorn Foundation, Kiel
  • Ferring Foundation
  • Hans Wilhelm-Schaumann Foundation, Hamburg
  • Hensel Foundation at Kiel University
  • Dr. Windemut und Rolf Hennig Foundation, Norderstedt
  • Heinz Wüstenberg Foundation, Schleswig
  • Karl-Walter und Charlotte Breitling Foundation
  • Lighthouse Foundation, Kiel
  • Nordmetall Foundation, Hamburg
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen Foundation, Kiel
  • Nordmetall Foundation, Hamburg
  • Dr. Otto Bagge Gedächntnis Foundation,Kiel
  • Oluf-Rieke Foundation, Kiel
  • Possehl Foundation, Lübeck
  • Willi Johann Ludwig Reinhold und Anna Louise Reinhold Jarchow Foundation, Lübeck
  • Schönhauser Foundation at Kiel University
  • Sparkassenstiftung Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel
  • Foundation 200 Jahre Sparkasse Kiel
  • Foundation KinderHerz, Essen
  • Foundation Schleswig-Holsteinische Landschaft, Kiel
  • Foundation for the Study of Schleswig-Holstein History and Homeland Culture at Kiel University
    at Kiel University
  • Foundation for the Promotion of Medical Research at Kiel University
  • Reinhardt und Johanna Guldager Foundation at Kiel University
  • Theodor-Wille Foundation
  • Volkswagen Foundation, Hannover
  • Zeit Foundation Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius Foundation, Hamburg


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