Student Associations

The university supports private student associations, which have been formed by students in order to pursue subject-related, university-political, sporting and social common interests, as well as to promote political education, a sense of civic responsibility and the willingness of their members to be tolerant on the basis of the constitutional order. The requirement for this is that the statutes of the association or the way its members behave do not violate any laws or are not incompatible with orderly teaching and research activities.

Student associations that have been approved once the Legal Affairs department of the University Board has checked that the requirements have been met, can provide information under their own responsibility using the university’s information system. To do so, they will be provided with webspace and an e-mail account upon application.

The application for registration as a student group can be submitted to the Management of the University Board at any time, with the application form (docx) and supplementary documents. The contact person for this matter is Lars Schäfer.

Student groups must report back by 31 March and 30 September of every year, and provide notification of any changes to the executive committee, the address or the statutes. If this report is not provided, the association will be removed from the list of student groups and the account with the Computing Centre will be cancelled. A form for this report (docx) is available.