Kiel University at the Hannover Messe 2019

Podium Discussion: "Digitalisation in science and industry"

A catalyst for this development is digitalisation. The term describes a largely not-yet-understood conglomerate of technological, sociological and psychological processes. On the one hand, the phenomenon seems to dissolve prevailing structures.
On the other hand, it enables new and productive forms of flexible teamwork, global cooperation and innovations. Politics, business and science clearly
define the process of digitalisation – and the resulting requirements – differently.
The podium discussion, with representatives from the digital and the insurance industry as well as politics and science, seeks to contribute towards a common understanding of digitalisation, and to help develop the resulting requirements for business, politics and education.


Andrea Hirzle-Yager

Department director Allianz Deutschland AG


"The challenge that we face in the age of digitization not only within our companies but throughout the different industries confronts us with a seemingly insurmountable task. It will require our best. If we continue to do business as usual, we will soon be out of business."

Thomas Losse-Müller

Chief of the State Chancellery Schleswig-Holstein

"Schleswig-Holstein is right in the middle of the digital world and no longer at a disadvantage due to its peripheral geographical location. The high quality of life in Schleswig-Holstein and the leading location for broadband expansion have also become important locational advantages. Digitalisation offers Schleswig-Holstein many opportunities, which are already being
actively utilised in many places in the state." 

Maren Martschenko

First chairwoman at the Digital Media Women Germany

"The #DMW (Digital Media Women) works for increased visibility of women on all stages – whether it is conferences, specialist media or management boards. Women want to and should play an equal part and make a visible impact: open, respected and pioneering. We see the best opportunity to achieve this vision in the digital transition."

Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann

Director of the German National Library of Economics

Düsternbrooker Weg 120, Kiel

"The dialogue between research, scientific information infrastructure and science policy is critical to be able to respond accordingly to digitalising science."