Kiel University at the Hannover Messe 2019

Podium Discussion "Excellence to the power of four": cutting-edge research, the Kiel way

Quadruple cutting-edge research from Kiel: representatives from Kiel University’s research foci in life science, nano science, marine science and cultural change will be coming together at the CAU booth.

Collectively, they are sketching Kiel’s path of cutting-edge research. They are discussing aspects which will become increasingly important for the science location of Kiel and North Germany in the future. Examples include interdisciplinary cooperation, Big Data and digitalisation, or the social relevance of research results.  

Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung

Speaker of Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science


"In the Kiel nano-technology and surface technology sciences, a wide range of disciplines work together on topics such as switchable molecules, biomagnetic sensors, biocompatible functional materials, complex plasmas or nano-electronics. There are many close interfaces between the disciplines, which often only make cutting-edge research possible at all. An additional interdisciplinary topic for the future is that of responsive nanosystems, which allow us to transfer nanoscale processes to artificial systems, and thereby both to understand their underlying principles, as well as to use them as in medicine or sensors".

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bosch

Speaker of Kiel Life Science


"The aim of our research is to understand the origin of healthy and diseased processes in various organisms, in interaction with their environment and their microbial colonisation. Thereby we hope to be able to derive new options for prophylaxis and treatment in future. In order to achieve progress in this way, we need to think far beyond the limits of the familiar discipline’s borders. The key to success lies in particularly broad and strong interdisciplinary research, as we represent in Kiel together with our international partners."

Prof. Dr. Lutz Käppel

Speaker of Societal, Environmental and Cultural Change

Prof. Dr. Lutz Kipp

President of Kiel University

Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4

"Since its foundation in 1665 Kiel University has been transforming itself into a university of interconnecting and interactive academic cultures. Building on its longstanding partnerships with non-university research institutions, Kiel University was able to focus and refine its research profile. Four priority research areas were formally selected and established in 2008. These priority research areas thematically combine scientific excellence of the faculties thereby enabling dynamic interfaces between natural, social and technical sciences as well as humanities."

Prof. Dr. Martin Visbeck

Speaker of "The Future Ocean"


"One of our strengths in Kiel is integrative marine sciences for global and solution-orientated research into the ocean, and the resulting strategies developed for its sustainable use. Researchers discover, observe and understand the interrelationships. They can thereby generate forecasts for the future, and outline scenarios which depend on human actions. The right action needs facts - this is particularly important when dealing with the environment and the ocean. As the lives of everyone on earth are directly and indirectly connected with the ocean, our future is therefore also dependent on the way we treat the ocean. Only by working together across borders can we ensure a fair and sustainable use of the ocean and its resources for future generations. Science helps us to develop intelligent solutions."