Kiel University at the Hannover Messe 2019

Lecture: Process plasmas in nano-technology

Recently, plasma processes have increasingly gained importance in nano-technology. In this context, in addition to conventional low-pressure processes, atmospheric pressure plasmas have been established for processing nanomaterials. This is mainly due to the relatively simple construction, easy operation as well as the lower costs.

There is also another crucial benefit: at higher pressures (up to atmospheric pressure), the nucleation of nano-particles in the gas phase runs considerably more effectively and controllably than with low pressure plasma.

For the production of nanoparticles, non-equilibrium chemistry, self-organisation, high radical densities as well as unusual reaction pathways are of crucial importance. Especially, non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasmas can also interact with liquids to modify nanoparticles suspended in colloidal solutions. So-called micro-plasmas are proliferating in particular amongst the atmospheric pressure plasmas. 

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