Kiel University at the Hannover Messe 2019

Are you listening? Better hearing through digital integrated product-service-systems in audiology

lecture: 26.4.2018, Hannover Messe, Hall 2, CAU booth C07
time: 11:00 am
language: English
with week exhibit at the BMBF booth

The lecture will present the Audio-PSS research project "Development of product service systems in teleaudiology" which is on display at the BMBF exhibition stand. The example of tele-audiology is used to illustrate how digital transformation can be successfully implemented. Today, hearing aids require a stressful individual adaptation and the satisfaction of users is often low. The solution is an integrated hearing system consisting of a hearing aid, a connected smartphone, an app, additional measuring devices and the linked cloud-based databases. The data is the basis of machine learning for classifying hearing situations, finding context-sensitive device settings and individualizing the care of hearing-impaired people. Digitalisation leads to a radical change in existing business models, job profiles and the role of the customer in hearing acoustics. This results in a variety of concerns, which we take into account when developing and introducing teleaudiological services.