Kiel University at the Hannover Messe 2019

Stuff you never asked about slugs

lecture: 24.4.2018, Hannover Messe, Hall 2, CAU booth C07
time: 12:30 Uhr
language: English

​As the end of her biology studies was near, Nadine Sydow discovered a combination of harmless substances with a brand new property: Sluxagon© is a pesticide-free, anti-adhesive painting against slugs and snails. By the use of a conventional brush, any pottery, raised flower bed or edge may become an ecological barriere and thus create a safe place to grow even the most delicious plants and flowers. 
Since she didn´t want to leave her discovery to an uncertain future, Nadine decided to found a start-up and make this a real product for DIY-stores. But the road to success led her through a maze of obstacles, and it took her quite a few miracles, lucky opportunities, failures and soft skills to convince with an alternative method to simple poisoning these animals. An unusual founder story that even made it to the German version of the popular TV-format “Shark Tank”, told without any seriousness but lots of excitement. 

Speaker Nadine Sydow

Phone: 0431 / 556 8299-0

  • 19.09.1986 Birth in Hamburg
  • 2008  Start of Biology studies at Kiel University
  • 2011  BSc Biology
  • 2014  MSc Biology / Material Science. Awarded 1st Place at S-H Idea Competition for Schnexagon
  • 2015  Pilot Phase & Crowdfunding of the project, founding of the Solvoluta GmbH
  • 2016  Market release of Schnexagon, Awarded as “Product of the year” by the DIY-industry
  • 2017  Part of the VOX-Show “Die Höhle der Löwen”, reaching 1000 points of sale in 5 countries (D, A, CH, F, Lux)
  • 2018  Beginning of new project “Poxagon”